The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

A commotion arises from the back room of the inn. The inn-keeper, a woman dressed in the uniform of a town guard, and a prosperous-looking dwarf stride through the doorway and into the common room. Unswervingly, the innkeeper walks up to your table.

"Are you mercenaries?" the big man asks. He glares at you with dark eyes as if challenging you to deny it. "Are you adventurers? We need brave and capable folk, right now, and we're willing to pay!"

Dana kicks her chair back and rises from the table immediately. Her eyes narrow at the innkeeper. "What seems to be the matter?" she asks.

Rulet kicks his chair back and rises from the table immediately. His eyes narrow at the prosperous looking Dwarf. "How much?" he asks.

Liarra kicks her chair back and rises from the table immediately. Her eyes narrow at the female guard. "Is it a worthy challenge?" she asks.

Stilgar kicks his chair back and rises from the table immediately. His eyes narrow at the inn-keeper. "Do you have anymore of this delicious ale?" he asks.

"Hey take it easy on those chairs! They cost 3 gold a piece!"

The innkeeper looks sideways at the female guard and the dwarf and then back to you and proceeds to answer each of your questions, "You see a couple days ago a family, the Yurling family went up to pay their last respects to their grandfather up at our famous mausoleum, heard of the Kingsholm Mausoleum, have you?"

Without waiting for reply the innkeeper continues, "Anyway, Captain Mia Desarna here sent two of her sentinels to investigate and they've not returned either. We can't afford to lose any more sentinels. We've only got a few being a small town and all, so if you're interested in helping, we can offer you...50 gold apiece to go up to the mausoleum and find out what could have happened to the Yurlings and the sentinels. What say you?"

He pauses briefly to let you mull it over then quickly adds, "We do have more ale, by the way."

"While I can't speak for us all," Dana replies, her gaze trailing over to Rulet, "I'm not a hireling. I merely go where my faith takes me, so it seems my timely arrival has placed me here to help you."

Dana looks at her companions. "It sounds like this town could use all our help."

"We're all not so blessed as to thrive on Faith, madame. I assume most of us here prefer the flavor of real food, and that costs more coin and less righteousness." The halfling snarks, remarkably unsnarkily.

"Payment is up front, I assume? Promises of money are no good to a dead man, I'd say ask any of the inhabitants of the place we're about to invade. But it is good for staying alive."

"This sounds like a fitting endeavour. Something that can overpower two well-trained sentinels will indeed be a challenge," Liarra declared, and stretched her arms, eyes gleaming with anticipation. "Let us be off, no time to waste!"

"While I admire your initiative, we should be strategic as well as tactical," Dana says to the monk, still standing. "I agree, the fact that well-trained sentinels have disappeared is an enticing challenge, but this challenge will occur in a tomb, which suggests something dark, something perhaps necromantic, might be behind these occurances."

The paladin returns her attention to the innkeeper and his two colleagues. "Surely there's more to this mausoleum than meets the eye. Is there anything else you can tell us about it? What about the Yurling family? What can you tell us about them and the recently deceased grandfather?"


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