The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

Mia, Ian og Gran look at each other as well as the party. Mia and Ian are both deliberating what to say, but it is the dwarf who breaks the silence. "Tomorrow?! You are going to wait until tomorrow while the village's poor departed are being summoned from their graves to trouble the living? How can you rest now while---?"
Gran is abruptly silenced by Mia, who gives him a stern look.

"Please excuse our master dwarf here," Ian says. "We do appreciate what you have done for the village and that you mean to investigate further. But frankly, I too worry about what can happen while you are away from the cemetery."

Liarra shrugged. "If we go in as we are right now, we stand a good chance of being killed, and then we'll be ones troubling the living," she said with her typical bluntness. "How about we compromise, and camp out at the mouth of the tomb? That way we can get rest and we'll also guard your village."

Arial nodded in acknowledgement of what was being planned, it wasn't her idea of safety to camp out in a cemetary with a Necromancer on the loose. She had other plans... speaking of which.

"I have a lot of work to do, if you could be so kind as to help me find an Alchemists lab and some supplies I can get to work." Arial says to the town committee with a polite smile.

"It's settled then, I'll take second watch," Liarra said, stretching until her back popped. She turned to the townspeople. "Ahh... much better. Perhaps you could at least do us the kindness of feeding us?"

Mia smiles. "Pelor be praised you are here to protect our village. You are true heroes, and your efforts with not go unnoticed by the people. I will provide tents, firewood and blankets for you all. I will return to the inn within the hour. If you join us, Aria, we will see what we can provide from Gran's shop." She walks off, practically dragging the dwarf with her.
Ian puts his hand on Liarra's shoulder. "Of course we will feed you. What will it be, Champions of Kingsholm?" he asks as he motions for the group to enter the inn again.

Liarra smiled impishly at Dana. "First time I've heard of a paladin asking for wine," she said, and turned to Ian. "I will stand guard before the tomb for nonce. If you could send someone up with bread, vegetables and water, that will be fine."

Rulet says, "I-If you i-int-tend to leave now, t-then I can bring you some food and drink and h-help keep w-watch"


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