The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

Arial smiled at the invitation. "Why thank you, it would be a pleasure"

Picking up her kitty, Arial pats her cat and fluffs up its cheeks much to Simba's delight as he waits to depart for Gran's shop.

Ian nods. "Of course, I'll have them make generous meals to go for you all," he says, and returns to his inn.

Aria is taken to Gran's shop. Being the only general store in the village, the shelves keep more than one could expect from such an establishment. There are numerous items covered in a thin layer of dust, but everything seems to be in good shape.
Mia turns to the energetic wizard. "Take what you want," she says, instantly following up her offer with a stern gaze at Gran, who obviously is not thrilled with the idea of a girl looting his shop. "I trust you to only take what is neccessary from this most generous dwarf."


Ian returns shortly with food. Bread wrapped in cloth and other foods in small containers as well as bottles of wine and of water. It looks plenty, but these are not rations meant for preservation over longer journeys.

Arial entered with her cat in her arms looking around curiously. Smiling politely at Gran, Arial nods in reply to Mia as her expert alchemist eyes scan the shelves.

"Why thank you Gran for your support... maybe I can bring you a few everburning torches upon my return." Arial turns and smiles to check the Dwarf's response for a moment before setting her cat down and preparing her pack to be filled.

Walking around the shop, Arial *sneezes* a few times during her shopping spree as dust kicks up in the air, until finally she reports back to advise which items she had taken.

Stilgar Tuek

Picking up on the general consensus Korb trots over to door and barks once - short and loud. Dallying, Stilgar quaffs the rest of his mug, stiffly bends to retrieve his shield, and slowly stumps over to open the door mumbling to himself. "Well I do like camping I suppose. And these warrior maidens may need help navigating back to the cemetary now that night is falling."

He will head back to the cemetary with the others and try to make himself useful setting camp.

"These warrior maidens thank you, o mighty dwarf," Liarra said gravely, then burst into a sudden, sunny laugh unlike her usually moody outlook.

At the cemetery they all sat down for a meal with the food provided by the generous innkeeper. Liarra stuck to simple foods, then spent the next twenty minutes doing a series of limbering warm up stretches and kicks. According to her, it was simplicity itself, but to anyone watching her train, some of those poses look excruciatingly painful.

Rulet quietly following behind with food he had gathered from the in remains quiet and out of the way until needed.
On occasion you might hear the crunch from the loaf of crusty bread from the inn.

Dana slowly eats her meal, not because she has no appetite but rather because she also spends time sharpening her longsword with a whetstone. She alternates from biting on a piece of bread or meat to stroking the edge of her blade with the oiled, porous rock, spacing each out with a vigilant scan of her surroundings in between.

Mia provides you with tents, firewood and blankets to keep you warm through the night.
You return to the cemetery where the only difference from the last time you were there are the carrion birds flocking near the corpses of the fallen sentinels as well as the wolves, fighting for the best parts.
It is now dusk and you are all rather tired from today's challenges.

"We should clean that up," Liarra said, pointing at the fallen guards. "'Tis an offense to gods and man to leave a body unburied, especially such warriors as these. Rulet, could I trouble you to find a shovel? I'll dig them graves. Stilgar, last rites to lay them to rest would not go amiss. As for the wolves, we burn their bodies at the other end of the cemetery."

"We should camp at the entrance, but close the doors and lock it. We have the keys, and this will prevent unwanted surprises from jumping out at us. I'll take middle watch, any other volunteers?" the monk asked as she started to lift the corpses to an empty plot.


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