The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

Liarra snorted at the question. "Now is not the time to play justicar. This should not be simple coincidence, it is highly likely whoever preceded us would still be within, unless they do not care about being discovered. Which then renders the question of who else possesses the key moot as well. Let us proceed within," the monk said briskly, and put word to action by striding straight through the open gates.

Mia answers Rulet, after the interuption by Liarra, "All of my sentinels have a key, and so does Ian, but even so, they'd not leave the gate wide open like this. They'd close it after themselves."

The graveyard appears old but lovingly cared for. Fresh gravel covers the path and flowers, not weeds, grow beside tombstones.

Everyone that enters the gates please make a spot check.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+6, 1d20, 1d20-1, 1d20+3, 1d20+3

The thinker watches in amazing articulation of his single eyebrow as this daft woman saunters on in, COMPLETELY UNARMED, and has a mind to stir the whole place up with her scent and sounds. If they ever had a chance to surprise whoever's in there it will be gone the second she stomps in and starts challenging statues to fights.

Our hero, however, is not a rash person. In the few seconds it takes Liarra to snort, chastise caution, and stride in, he's ran through a few things.

Originally Posted by Rulet's Mind
*Someone's taken a key (by force? by guile?) from one of the inept guardsmen and went in. (For what reason?)
*Someone bruted their way in (check the lock for force, expect a rough fight)
*Someone smarted their way in (same as above, expect a rougher fight if there isn't any)
*Careful guards were set upon immediately by someone (who? why? when?) from behind without time to close the gate (look for signs of struggle)
*(Someone who overheard at the tavern and wanted the reward? Is in on whatever's going on?)
Rulet carefully draws his folded crossbow and swings it into assembly, locking the stock and barrel in place and keeping a mind on his quiver hand. He decides to just watch Liarra as she serves unwitting bait. If she's set upon, he has an advantage of being at a distance and possessing a bow. If she's shot by someone like him, that is, someone who won't stand in a crime scene in the open, he'll watch for arrows, note trajectory as they strike the gown clad miss, and fire at his best guess of their origin.

First things first though.
Dice Roll: 1d20+2
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 20)
Then just let me know what kinds of checks you want, if any, for looking at the lock to see if it's been forced, and the ground for signs of a fight.

Liarra passes through the gates, but not as obliviously as Rulet would imagine. Her eyes and ears cast about for clues and potential ambushes.

Spot, Listen:
Dice Roll:
1d20+7 1d20+7
d20 Results: 18 (Total = 25)
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 27)

Stilgar Tuek

Doing his level best to keep up with the earnest Paladin, Stilgar and his clanking armour rattles along not quite at her side. Soon blowing hard from the slightly faster than walking pace, he lets her take the lead when conversing with townsfolk, mainly due to being out of breath. Never the less he interjects as often as he can with helpful attempts to steer things in the correct direction.

Horace had been sitting at the table with his new comrades, he had been so engulfed with writing in a small journal he had failed to notice everyone leaving. Suddenly Horace looked up realizing he was the only one still sitting at the table. Horace caught a glimpse of the dwarf walking out the door... "Not again! he exhaled. Jumping up Horace quickly gathered his things in his arms and dashed out the door.

"This is as far as I go," Mia declares. "I will return to the village to learn if anyone of the sentinels are missing a key.
Please seek me out when you have solved the mystery. I wish you all good luck."

Whether it is fear or obligation that makes her go back is hard to tell. Regardless, you move through the gates and immediately notice the imposing mausoleum in the centre. The gravel laid path from the entrance leads straight up to the structure and as you move closer, you notice the gravel has been stirred up, as if someone started a run there.

And you're back in business!

Kingsholm is not a large village and other than the tavern and the small temple, the buildings are of similar sizes and designs.
No one are approaching you to offer information, so Dana and Stilgar probably have to take the initiative.

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