The Coronet and Cabbage Inn

Dana decides to visit the cleric of Olidammara first. Being a paladin, she feels compelled to at least see if the local priest will cooperate, even if such a priest worships a deity she has never heard of.

"Good day," Dana begins. "The innkeeper of the Coronet and Cabbage has asked my companions and I to investigate Kingsholm's cemetary. There have been some disappearances, so we've offered to help out in uncovering what may be going on. Is there anything you can tell me about the cemetary? How about the Yurling family? Is there any history surrounding either of them that might be of significance?"

"Good day to you, warrior. I am Hergon Hilltopple, servant of Olidamarra. I don't know much about the cemetery, other than it predates this village with several centuries apparently. I am more familiar with the Yurlings, as it happens.
I helped put the grandfather, Gunar Yurling, in his grave recently. A great tragedy for the small family. Nothing suspicious about his death though. He suffered from a disease even I could not cure.
They are well-liked by the entire community and I truly hope you can help finding those poor souls.
I don't know if any of this information is useful to you, but I am afraid that is what I have to offer."

The priest appears sincere. "Unless you have other questions for me, that is?"

Dana purses her lips and thinks for a moment. She has never taken on the role of an inspector before, and she sort of feels like a magistrate asking these questions, so she feels a little out of place.

"Has there been anything out of the ordinary going on in the town? Even if you don't think they're related to the cemetary or the missing people, it might be worth noting."

The priest lets out a chuckle. "I am the most out of the ordinary thing that has happened to this village in the last hundred years it seems. Change is not welcomed here. Me predecessor worshipped Pelor, like the priests before him and they are still not comfortable with me being a servant of another God." He sighs.
"But that was beside the point and I do not want to seem ungrateful. I have a good life here and the villagers are quite nice.
So, to answer your question: No, nothing out of the ordinary, other than the disappearances, has happened."

"Thank you," Dana says to Hergon with a slight bow. "This has been helpful. I suppose I should go about town and do a bit more fact-finding before I meet up with my friends."

The young paladin bids the priest a farewell, then works her way to one of the nearby buildings. "Who might have a broad understanding of who's who in Kingsholm?" Dana asks Stilgar as she ambles her way along the dusty main street. But before the dwarf can answer, she replies, "Perhaps a general store owner? Yes, all sorts would probably frequent a place that sells the basic essentials. Let's go."

As soon as she finds the general store, she enters and presents herself to the shopkeeper.

"Good day to you," Dana starts. "My name is Dana, a paladin from another district. My priestly dwarven colleague is Stilgar. We've been requested by the innkeeper of the Coronet and Cabbage as well as the local magistrate to investigate the recent happenings at Kingsholm's cemetary. I'm sure you have heard of the disappearances that have happened there. Is there anything you can tell me about the cemetary and perhaps the Yurling family? Is there any history surrounding either of them that might be of significance? Also, has there been anything out of the ordinary going on in town as of late? Even if you don't think they're related to the cemetary or the missing people, it might be worth noting."

The shopkeeper gives you a friendly greeting, but sadly has little to tell you.
"There's been no other disturbances than the recent disappearances that I know of."

"Thank you," Dana says as say politely exits the store. The young knight scrunches her nose as she puzzles over other potential sources of information.

"Surely the town has some sort of groundskeeper or custodian that looks after the cemetary," the paladin reasons. "Let's see who we can find."

Asking around you end up back at the inn. Apparently the burly dwarf you first encountered, Gran Stoutbrace, brags about his ancestors living in the mountains to the north.
"Yes," he confirms as you meet him hanging over a nigh empty mug of ale. "It is true. And according to my father there are numerous tunnels beneath the hills. But what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be up at the cemetery investigating?"

The innkeeper, Ian, adds from behind the bar "most of my ancestors have been interred in the mausoleum, but we haven't been here as long as the Stoutbraces. The Yurlings owns a large farm on the prairie south of Kingsholm."

"My newfound companions are at the cemetary as we speak," Dana replies to the dwarf, then turns to the innkeeper and nods. "Stilgar and I were just trying to gather a bit more information around town before we met up with them."

She bows to her two sponsors. "Well, we should be off. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so I hear."

The paladin leaves the inn and makes her way to Kingsholm cemetary.

The pair nods politely to Dana and Stilgar as they leave. "Best of luck. I pray you find the family and the sentries safe and sound."

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