Utility Die Roller

Oh, he's bad. There are evil clerics, and he clearly worships some demon-god. But cleric nonetheless.

I figure it is an air-based god, though, since it seems to be an air elemental.

Well only clerics with the cave domain can cast create pit, otherwise its a sorcerer/wizard or summoner

Of course he could be gesalt like the rest of us, so it's a moot point

But personally, I'm asumming summoner


With the thing that lets him fascinate animals.

Snake is a natural animal he befriended in the mountains while on the run from the yakuza.

Air elemental is something he keeps in his lungs in case he gets flung into a river(He can't swim). When he gets into a serious fight, he burps it into combat. He lures it back in with his natural piney freshness.

Digging pit traps is both his vocation AND his pleasure activity, so naturally he's quite good at it.

He is clearly a cleric of Luscious Luthor, lesser god of cliche villains and over the top anime hairdos.

He's a summoner. Specifically, a planar conduit! Though if he is gestalt, I vote for cleric of Luscious Luthor, lesser god of cliche villains and over the top anime hairdos as the other side of this build.

Probably an arcanist multiclass.
Spiderwalk, Create Pit, Invisibility (can cast non-targeting spells), Summon Elemental.
Spellcraft DC of the Create Pit was 17, 10 + ability modifier + spell level if it is still the same as 3.5e.

The weapons he carries seem to be leading to a multiclass, or just Exotic/Martial Weapon Proficiency.

Of course, he being a Summoner is also a possibility, considering his own words to the serpent-thing. But having an Eidolon with a Summon out together seems unlikely.


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