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D&D Next

Okay, so, I suspect some of us will want to talk about the new play-test for 5th edition and I don't want to clutter up the OOC thread with it. I hope NGP doesn't mind me starting this thread and, of course, can move it anywhere he wants.

So, my initial thoughts? It's a cross between 3.5 and 4th. Knee-jerk reaction is that I like it as it seems to take the best elements of 3.5 for players and the best elements of creature and encounter design from 4th. I'll have to pore over it for a lot longer but so far, it already feels like a step in the right direction. It feels comfortable, familiar and streamlined.

The fact WotC is letting its legions of fans playtest the next version just thrills me. I wish I could shake the hand of whomever had that idea.

The Monster blocks are a bit messy. (I really liked 4th's streamlined monster blocks.) Hopefully that can be fixed by the time the official version comes out.

I haven't downloaded it or anything, so no comment so far. Interested to hear what else everyone says though.

This still makes me wonder though...

Can I run an online game via email, Skype, Google Hangout or a play-by-post forum?

No, you may not run an online game on third parties sites at this time.

Apparently from WotC's FAQ. What the ****?

Oh, yeah, I assume that will change? It would be odd to take that big of a step back.

Also, just looked over the classes again and now the hesitation is starting to sink in...going back to "spells/day" and the fighter being bland reminds me of things I hated about 3.5: dead levels, non-spellcaster classes getting ridiculously outclassed by high-level casters and melee classes being really boring.

Then again, this is the first packet so I assume there is a long ways to go.

I note the Dwarf Fighter has the power, I hit someone with my axe again.
Two attacks at 2d6+ 7 dmg is about the same as a blast of light doing 4d6. (A first level spell.)
Hopefully the class balance will scale, but we'll see.

Fighter does look to be trading spike power for more consistent damage and defences mind.
Hopefully there will be more options than the ones chosen by this fighter. (Something so you can have a defender like feel instead of slayer type feel would be nice.)

I have a tendency to get into "the sky is falling" mode too easily and Mike Mearls, in his letter, says that this is purposely bare bones so they can concentrate on the core mechanics first and address character creation, advancement, etc. as they progress. So, yes, there will be a lot of change I suspect and my opinion will probably shift with every new update.

Hey, I can use Command: Autodefenestrate.
Probably only works on evil wizards and those with high intelligence, but it is good to see it in there.

real Spells! oh how I missed real spells, no 10 minutes to cast silence! yay!

Thieves Cant! skill proficiencies and equipment lists! JOY!


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