sounds good starting point, lot of possibilities there. Now, how many players and what kind of group combination are you looking for?

My take on those two questions :
#of players: MAX 4 (me included *smiles*) 3 would be ideal (again , me included)
Combination: What ever they feel making. (that way there will be variation AND group will be lacking of something.

Then I have an suggestion, for the running of the game. Each player gives the "themed song" about their character (like was suggested) and then give 3-5 other songs they feel fitting for the campaign (to give you tools and ideas what they are looking for) And ofcourse, keep it lv1 at the start. Giving out levels at the start is to call in those who want to min-max.

I'm going to say that we go with 4 players and I'm not big on the idea of a GM having a PC in the game. However I am open to the idea of you playing a major support character.

I agree with keeping it at first level and your idea about the players giving song suggestions although I already plenty of ideas kicking around, but more couldn't help.

I understand the dislike of Gm playing in the game, thats why I was reluctant to help you as the idea behind the game is golden.

Any idea on what kind of race or class restrictions should be in place?

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