Part 1: Consecration

Tom o' the Six Strings

"You will have one. I'm sure that title 'Heroes of Sandpoint' won't be just idle fanfare said by one nobleman. In a town like this you'll be achieving quite some favorable notability. But, if you'd rather go the misunderstood loner route I understand. Many women do find that attractive for some reason"
he said, the alst thing he needed was MORE attention paid to him. While he relished the idea of fame, too much would attract the wrong sort of attention, better the spread it around as it were

"You might still want to stick together with us anyway, Mister... Huh, I think I haven't got your name yet." The woman's sounded sincere, despite the hint of distaste still clear on top of her smiling features. She poked a finger thru the rent on her clothing to make a point.

"Anyway, who knows if there are a few more gobboes running around? If it was something like the one that hit me... Or worse." She commented, glancing at the elven woman, "All sneaky like the one that slipped a few inches of poor quality steel unto Miss Sai's diet."

The halfling nodded in acknowledgement to Aegon.

As the rest of the conversation flowed around the former battlefield, however, Gozzik shook his head. "You all talk too much," he claimed, with his soft, light voice. "This isn't time to wander off, this is time to stick together. People might still need help, goblins might still be rampaging, the town might be burning. Let's go see where we are needed," he grumbled, or tried to grumble, except that his voice broke with a squeak.

He smiled up at Jan. "I am used to fighting alone, or with my steed between my thighs. Coordinating with others is... Different. But I will do the best I can to keep my blood on the inside." He seemed to speak with deference, although the idea that he would be interested in anything the woman's employer could provide was a bit laughable. Well, I wonder if her masseuse can rub down a pony...

"That's Veritas, miss Jan. And you might want to practice that smile a little more. I know you aren't exactly comfortable with the fact I can grow two extra pairs of arms to embrace you with." The half-elf noted with a grin, though there was a bit of mirth behind it. "Anyway, not that I think any of you ladies wouldn't be able to give any of those pests a run for their ill-gotten money, but I suppose it wouldn't be right to leave you all to do the grunt work either."

With that settled, the party of six prepared to move back down Church street toward Cathedral Square. Before leaving the scene, they took a few minutes to search the defeated goblins for any valuables. The weaponry, for the most part, matched the crude design that was used by the invaders in the earlier encounter, which held little value, but the goblin commander carried well-crafted weapons that far exceeded the quality of those carried by his kin. His
for the sake of value, we'll say that it only appeared that Aegon damaged the weapon, but instead merely disarmed
polearm had a shaft of solid steel and a polished, razor-sharp blade, and he also had a finely-carved, hardwood bow. These weapons were sure to garner some interest from the owner of the Goblin Squash stables in town, who was known to be a collector of goblin "memorabilia."

There were also two small vials to be found in the possession of the goblin shaman; one a thin, pale blue liquid, and the other a syrupy, crimson substance.

The sounds of battle had now ceased, and were replaced by the sounds of townsfolk mobilizing to assess the damage and help the wounded. The streets were littered with the bodies of those who had fallen during the raid, most of them goblins, but there were a few unfortunate citizens as well.

As you approached the town square you saw that it was a bustle of activity. The fires had been quelled, and just inside the Cathedral they were setting up an impromptu medical station for those injured in the raid. Father Zantus was there, directing the effort, and a short ways off to the right side of the temple, over the scene where you had defeated the goblin warchanter and his pyro minions, there were a couple of town guards talking to a man you probably recognized as the town Sheriff, Belor Hemlock.

Upon seeing you, Father Zantus rushed forward to greet you once again.
I received word just moments ago from Elias of your victory at the White Deer," he said, motioning to a boy standing shyly off to the side with his hands buried in his pockets. "Many Blessings be upon you, my friends. Your heroism shall not go unnoticed; indeed, you will forever have our utmost gratitude."

"Sheriff Hemlock assures me that the southern end of town has been secured as well. I believe this unwarranted attack has been fully thwarted, thanks in no small part to you. I see that some of you are hurt. Come, join us in the temple so that your wounds may be healed."

Aegon couldn't help but snort at Sai's pointed remarks on the way back to Cathedral Square. "They both have need of honing if they are to match your tongue." No goblin had survived a blow from his blade. He knew it to be sharp enough.

He accepted healing from the acolytes once back at the cathedral, and gave his shoulder an experimental rotate. "Of course, I'll have to mend this shirt before too long..." he muttered to himself.

"To lose the cathedral a second time would have been a true tragedy, Father. If only the lives lost today could be repaired as easily as that which burned."

"I guess the solace of knowing their deaths did not go unpunished and a solemn memorial will have to do." Veritas noted in agreement. "How unfortunate that the first service rendered by this cathedral is a funeral."

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Sai smiled at the six armed half Elf. He seemed to be quite the enigma. His words made him seem naive, but the bravery of his actions was without question. "You may call me Sai if you wish." She had to admit, she was curious about his...powers. The Elven bladedancer made a point to question him about it at a later time.

She walked the rest of the way in relative silence, listening to the others chat. The Halfling seemed to be the most serious of the group, Saitylvaness had always been told his people were a mischievous and playful lot. She wondered if her masters had been mistaken, or was this 'Goblinslayer' simply unique in his demeanor.

Hearing Aegon's comment Sai simply grinned. "Even a sharp sword is useless if one has a dull mind. Where MY people are from, disrespect is akin to a sword cut. Perhaps next time someone wishes nothing more than your company, you'll remember that, before you ditch them." Without another word, Sai moved away from the ranger.

And something tells me that's an old wound, and one that cut in pretty deeply.

"Duly noted, Sai. I don't have a shorthand nickname you could use, I'm afraid, so feel free to make one up."
The half-elf replied to the elegant swordswoman.

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