Part 1: Consecration

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

As the goblin chant rose over the fleeing crowd, Saitylvaness glanced around to see exactly what was happening. As she noticed the little girl, Tom, the dashing minstrel had stepped in front of her waving his sword valiantly to intimidate the goblin. As he began to sing, she felt something stir within her. His voice was like honey. Placing that strange bit of information in the back of her mind, she dashed gracefully forward through the crowd stepping between the girl and the other two goblins. From the corner of her eye she noticed her elusive kin who had disappeared earlier. She wondered if he would stay and fight, or flee with the others...

She'd read many books on Goblins, but she had never met one face to face. It seemed the nasty little buggers were even worse than she had thought.


Saitylvaness Round 1

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Sai began to sway with the rhythm of Tom's song. Drawing her rapier she let out a syllable of arcane power. Runes rushed over the blade from hilt to tip glowing with arcane energy as she closed in on the Goblins. Sai dropped into a low thrust easily piercing the tiny Goblin's heart. As it slumped to the ground she flourished her blade smiling at its companion. "Won't you come dance with me?"

Saitylvaness Round 1 Summary:
Goblin 2 takes 12 damage and dies.
Sai's weapon enhancement: 9/10 rounds remain.


"I think I like your song better than that of the goblins, mr. Minstrel." Came the voice of the six-armed man as he rushed past Brego and the little girl, hurling a thin-ish tree trunk straight at the nearest goblin. His scarf billowed in the wind as he posed in front of the pair. "What say you and I make their death screams into a lullaby together?"


Aegon dropped his whetstone as the townsfolk began fleeing from the square. Giving his blade an experimental twirl, he rushed forward to attack the nearest Goblin. He gripped his sword with both hands and swung the blade from low to high, only to see his blade fly harmlessly over the head of the jeering greenskin. He muttered a curse under his breath and braced himself for the counterattack.

He caught an emerald blur in the corner of his eye and watched as the elven woman from before neatly skewered another of the goblins. "Not a bad bit of bladework, that."

His fighting stance was raw and slightly awkward. His knees were too bent, his shoulders were too square, and he left too much weight on his heels, but the force with which he swung his sword would have struck with devastating force had it... well... landed.


Whether by instinct or by solemn purpose, an unlikely group of onlookers rushed to the aid of the innocent mother and child who were in danger of being overrun by the goblin invaders.

Gozzik quickly ran to take up a guarded position in front of the desperate woman, who in the utter chaos of the moment couldn't tell if he was friend or foe. She screamed loudly as the halfling moved between her and her daughter, and thrust her foot forward, trying her best to kick the undersized ranger, but to no avail.

Both Brego and Veritas were able to place themselves between the lone girl and the goblin that was approaching from the west, the bard launching into an inspirational chorus, and the summoner launching a large tree trunk in the direction of the aloof, goblin warrior. The trunk missed its mark, but it was enough to get the goblin's attention off of the butterfly he was chasing, and onto the group in front of him. The now terrified girl covered her ears, hit the floor and scrunched herself up into a small ball.

At first the cackling runt looked confused, then he seemed fascinated by the multi-armed man and the wooden projectile as it nearly missed him. In an attempt to look fearsome, he began jumping up and down and growling, then took a step backward and tried to lift the large trunk, but of course he had little luck.

To the north, Saitylvaness gracefully dashed forward, drawing her rapier along the way. She passsed by the first goblin who took an errant swipe at the elf with his blood-covered blade, but missed. The bladesinger then deftly sunk her weapon into the throat of the second goblin, easily piercing its windpipe and dropping it dead on the spot.

In an effort that could have been mistaken for teamwork by a clueless observer who had no idea that the two hardly knew one another, Aegon Skye rushed up beside the elven maiden, charging at the first goblin with a vicious swipe of his longblade, but the swing was off balance and missed its mark.

This goblin seemed far less misguided than the one to the south, and responded by slashing at Aegon with its "dogslicer." The jagged blade wizzed past the shoulder of the battle-mage as he tried to regain his balance, but missed.

Gozzik Redknife
Paying little-to-no attention to the hysterical woman behind him, Gozzik scanned the area for threats. As the eight-limbed-(spider?)freak threw a tree, he noticed for the first time the goblin causing the problem. Aware that the human child was in danger, the halfling opened his mouth in a scream of ferocious rage, and charged the goblin.

Aegon grips his blade with both hands once more, taking a step to the side to block the goblin's path to the townsfolk. This time, he tries an overhead slash to counter the goblin's attempt on his own life, fighting with the ferocity of a feral beast.

The blade struck true, slamming violently into the skull of the goblin. He pulled it free and was rewarded with the sight of the goblin slumping lifelessly to the ground.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Seeing the situation was well in hand Brego turned his sights towards the girl "Come on now. Your mother's right there... Get into the church, you'll be safe there there" he said pointing towards her mother and little baby sibling "You'll be safe" he repeated. One the mother and daughters were off to safety Brego decided he could focus on important getting the hell out of here

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Pulling a small red cloth from a pouch on her belt, Saitylvaness began to clean the blood from her blade. She could still feel her sword humming with arcane energy as she ran the cloth down the weapons length. Turning to her Elven companion, she smiled politely. "I would hope so, I studied with the master's of the Tower of Stars for almost five decades." She still was unsure what to make of this rather strange Elf, but he had made an effort to protect those obviously less capable than himself, and that had to count for something. And your strikes could use a bit of refinement. She thought coolly to herself. Normally Sai was not one to be so judgmental of others, but something about this Elf got under her skin. Perhaps it was the fact he had seemed so eager to escape her company earlier...

Turning to Tom she smiled. "Now that was a song I could dance to! Play me one like that again, and I may just buy you breakfast." Sai gave him a wink as she went into a spin, the shades of green in her dress dancing from light to dark as she twirled. As she completed her rotation, she stopped and gave Tom a serious look of concern. "Could there be more Goblins in town? Perhaps we should stick together for the time being." Focusing on her keen Elf senses, she looked around to see if any other Goblins were in the area while her ears scanned for their silly songs.

Tom o' the Six Strings

"Most likely. Goblins are known for their ensemble performances. They were coming from that direction" he says, ready to move once he saw that the girl and her mother were off. He hadn't been paying much attention to the others, though they did their job well enough. He placed his sword back into its sheathe, Sandpoint had been a slight disappointment so far...and now goblins. Clearly small towns had alot of pest problems


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