Part 1: Consecration

"Awww, you seriously stole my kill! Ah well, my fault for not being faster." Veritas grinned to himself. "Keep your eyes peeled. I hear tiny pests like those are very fond of ambushes."

Aegon wiped the bloodied edge of his blade on the tattered armor worn by his goblin foe. "50 years--wow. I'd agree it's a bad idea for us to split up. It's easy to get cornered and overwhelmed by the greyskin buggers. Let's go."

Gozzik Redknife
Panting heavily, the barbarian spun about, scanning for other enemies to kill. His wild eyes softened, as the red haze slowly left his vision, when no more were found to be seen.

As the pounding in his ears dissipated, the war-drums banished back to his internal beast, the halfling sagged slightly, obviously affected by the exertion he just used. "Is... The child Ok?" he asked, glancing back at Brego and the human girl, not much taller than himself. Pulling himself together, he stood upright, wiped his blade on the goblin's filthy clothing, and looked around. I guess the turkey leg is ant-food, now.

The rest of the crowd milling around merged into one mass, in the halfling's mind, as he saw the few capable warriors apparently forming a plan. "I'm in," he stated, matter-of-factly. "Let's move. With everyone concentrated here, at the church, they may be looting the rest of the town. People should be safe enough here, if they get inside, but there may be people trapped in their homes, animals in the stables..." defenseless victims waiting for the slaughter, to become goblin-chow. We need to hurry.

"Y'know, I have to wonder where the town guard is at a time like this. If they got as far as the square, that means they probably evaded notice at the walls completely." Veritas noted, thinking aloud. It was mildly hilarious how his arms reacted in turn, a pair resting hands at his hips, another pair crossed in front of his chest and the third holding up as he rubbed his chin in thought. "We should head to the place with the most taverns and other places that would attract visitors in a festival like this."

Gozzik and Aegon put an end to the immediate threat, moving quickly to land deadly blows against their respective goblin foes. For a moment, you each had a chance to look around and take notice of those whom you fought alongside. Some you may have recognized from earlier that day, and some were complete strangers, but whatever the case, the five of you had acted together to save this woman and her children from certain harm.

But there was very little time to rejoice in that small victory, as the town now seemed to be entirely overrun with goblins. People were running every which way trying to avoid the little monsters as the chaotic scene continued to unfold. From where you were standing you could see goblins in every direction, ransacking the festival grounds, flipping over tables, smashing windows, lighting small fires and generally terrorizing what just moments ago was a serene environment.

Down one alley you caught a glimpse of one goblin skipping and cackling and gleefully waving a sharp knife in the air as it chased another stray dog. Down another street you saw a goblin perched upon a rooftop attempting to leap on top of a clueless passerby, only to catch its foot on the edge of the building and tumble head over heels into a barrel of pickles on the street below, its legs flailing about wildly as it tried helplessly to turn itself right side up.

And all the while, echoing through the evening air was the cacophonous chorus of the goblin warchant:

"Goblins race and goblins jump,
Goblins slash and goblins bump,
Burn the skin and mash the head,
Goblins here and you be dead!"

The whole thing would have been somewhat comical to behold, were it not for the fact that there was a fair amount of bloodshed as well, as scattering townsfolk fell victim to the onslaught of violence. The town guard organized as best they could to hold the invaders at bay, and able bodied men took up arms all over town to fight off the attack.

Meanwhile, the western side of Cathedral Square was relatively calm, after the felling of the three goblins. The girl, who's mother now rushed to her side, was only more frightened than before as she beheld the monstrous, six-armed man in her presence, and she continually howled out in horror. The woman was somewhat comforted by the defenders, but appeared to not be fully trusting of them, as they were mostly outsiders themselves.

Suddenly, as Brego tried to calm the mother and child and the others tried to formulate a plan, there was a sizzle and a loud pop overhead, and a shower of multicolored sparks rained down from above. Gozzik had turned just in time to see that a small group of goblins had gotten hold of the fireworks that were set up to be launched from the southeast corner of the square, and they had set one off in your direction. As the rest of your attention was drawn to that area, there was a large explosion as the absentminded goblins accidentally ignited a battery of fireworks in one large burst, sending two flaming goblins squeeling and flying through the air.

Behind them, another group approached, armed for bear wielding knives and torches. A trio of the goblin pyros had moved toward the cathedral, one tossing a lit torch through the doors of the temple and the other two were cornering Father Zantus and two of his young acolytes in the stage area. Two more were trying to ignite what was left of the fireworks, aiming them across the square grounds at your party.

Behind that there was a goblin archer with a small bow, and a wickedly decorated goblin warchanter who held a whip in hand and wore a much larger "horsechopper" strapped to her back as she continued her morbid song...

"Chase the baby, catch the pup,
Bonk the head and shut it up,
Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,
We be goblins! You be food!"

Tom o' the Six Strings

There was a moment of annoyance that crossed the minstrels face. He wanted nothing more than to just leave, but a part of him nagged to try and help, to prevent more death from occurring. He had killed before....he found doing it more made the experience easier...simpler. The fact that these were goblins in stead of humans also helped. Besides it was good for inspiration for a song

"Friend elves, protect the priest and the kids."
Brego said pointing towards the wooden scaffold that could easily be burnt "Master Halfling, let's show them a real song" he said brandishing his rapier out to engage the cretures, a song escaping from his lips as he made his way forward

Hear the sound of swords slicing thin
Feel the winds of battle on your skin
See the arrows fly, flaming in the sky
Hear the screams of goblins, as they die

Burn the skin and mash the head
Goblins are here and they'll be dead!

As the pandemonium continued to escalate throughout the town, Aegon shielded his eyes against the light of the exploding fireworks. "The cathedral!" He had fought goblins from time to time on the road, but never in these numbers. They were nothing but balls of disruptive greed and hatred. And most importantly, they were ruining his favorite day of the year. This would not stand.

As the minstrel moved to engage the goblins, Aegon couldn't help but smirk at the counterpoint to the goblins' chant provided by Tom's own song. He relaxed slightly, surprised to find himself laughing in the midst of a battle. "Don't have to tell me twice!"

Whipping his arm to the side, an arc of red eldritch energy ran up the length of the blade, causing it to glow with a faint, rust-colored light. Ducking an errant firework that went whizzing over his shoulder, Aegon rushed forward, catching the goblins off-guard with the intensity of his attack. He planted his right foot and spun around the first goblin he met, aiming to get as close to the cathedral as possible. As he finished the spin, he crouched low to meet the goblin pyro's own height as he once more gripped the hilt of his blade with both hands, aiming to bisect the greyskin with a horizontal slice.

Distracted as the creature was with the business of burning down the cathedral, the goblin failed to notice the elven guide approaching with murderous intent. He turned to jeer and giggle at his companion as the torch crashed through a low window, only to walk straight into Aegon's powerful blow. The pyro was thrown from its feet as a massive gash from the blade split it open.


Gozzik Redknife

Somewhat confused, and still a little tired by his recent rage, Gozzik turned slowly to face the goblin torchers. He held his sword ready, and although he began breathing heavy, in preparation for another rage, he wasn't able to get moving quite as fast as the others.

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Rushing forward beside Aegon, Saitylvaness had to admit a strange feeling of exhileration. Her travels down the the Tower of Stars had been almost completely uneventful, but now in the heat of the moment, she had a chance to test her skills, a chance to do something worthwhile with the knowledge her masters had imparted to her. Coming up on Aegon's left, Sai suddenly cut behind him in a deft spin, leaving the clueless goblin wide open to her attack. It seemed more of out sheer luck than anything else that the Goblin saw something shiny on the ground and ducked. Her blade bit deep into his shoulder drawing a large amount of blood. "For such a youngling Aegon, you handle that sword rather well. Perhaps you'd like to practice with me sometime." She winked as she side stepped an awkward goblin attack.

Round Zero Summary:
Goblin Pyro 3 takes 6 damage.

Sai's Weapon Enhancement: 6/10 rounds remain.



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