Part 1: Consecration

As the enemy warchanter continued weaving her awful tune, she focused her ire on Aegon Skye, apparently finding him the most dangerous opponent as he had nearly hacked one of the torchbearers clean in half with his longsword. Mixing a few words of arcane verse into her tune and waving her hand in his direction, she attempted to eliminate the elven warrior as a threat momentarily.

Beside her, the goblin archer chortled and let loose an arrow at the minstrel, who had left himself an easy target, but the shot missed, streaking by just inches from Brego's left ear. The pyro to the bard's south took the arrow shot as a signal to attack and stepped up, gleefully swinging his torch at Brego and catching him on an exposed part of his arm with a searing burn.

Saitylvaness also received a torch attack from the goblin to her back right side as she worked over another of the little marauders with her rapier, but the attack was wildly off course and missed her cleanly. The goblin she had just stabbed with her blade was not so amused as his companions anymore, squealing in pain as the sharp point passed through his shoulder. Still standing, the wounded goblin slashed at the graceful elf with his dogslicer, but missed horribly. Upon seeing this, he tried to turn and run, but his attempt at retreat was met with an opportunistic attack from Sai, which struck home easily, dropping the fleeing goblin in a pool of its own blood.

The goblin farthest north stepped onto the stairs leading to the stage and swung his jagged blade at one of the helpess, young acolytes, fortunately missing the boy. Father Zantus, who was also unarmed, reached out desperately trying to disarm the goblin, but was sliced by the little monster's jagged blade as a result. The priest was now bleeding badly from a gaping wound to his midsection.

<Updated Battlemap>

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Saitylvaness heard the scream of the priest as he was hit by the goblin. A rush of adrenaline surged through her, and in the chaos, everything seemed to fade away. Somewhere deep within herself Sai felt a strange resonance building, like a single note calling out to her. It was a feeling unlike anything she had ever experienced. For a split second Sai closed her eyes. She couldn't see anything, but she could feel it, like the whole battlefield hummed to a familiar song. She felt the rhythm of each person's step and swing, but it was more than familiar, it was predictable.

But it was too much. Saitylvaness found her hands shaking every second she listened to that soft inner music, like it strained her very being. She fought to block it out, she focused instead on Tom's Goblin refrain, pushing the music inside of her as far from her mind as she could. Her hands were still shaking. The melody inside her had shown her exactly what to do, how to end this fight with a few deft strokes of her blade, but it was gone now. So Sai decided to improvise.

Shifting her weight she sprang from her feet into a one handed cartwheel. As she came up beside Aegon, he had just begun to swing at the Goblin attacking the priest. With a low thrust, she brought her blade up to strike the little bugger.

Her attack barely missed. Her hands were still shaking. It seemed her hesitation had ruined the opening she had seen previously.

Round One Summary:
Sai's Weapon Enhancement: 5/10 rounds remain.


Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego winced as the arrow flew past him and almost stopped his performance when the fire had hit him. His flesh burned... but then it was not the worst injury he had gotten...though perhaps the first with actual fire. Taking a step back as he sang he'd continue his chorus, but this time he hit a foul chord. From his mouth a wave of discordant sound hit the goblins, causing them to shriek in pain as they felt their ear drums being punctured

Gozzik Redknife
Gozzik swings his greatsword over his head, yelling like a maniac, as he charges after another of the goblins in an attempt to chop its head off.

See below to avoid map confusion.

Dice Roll: 1d20+5
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 25)
Will Save

It had not been the first time, and it wouldn't be the last, that Veritas' powers earned him fear despite his actions. He was used to it, and quite honestly, he blamed people's ignorance for it. Still, he wanted to block out the screaming somehow. So, he started whistling to himself.

Taking a mad dash towards the nearest goblin, Veritas took his quarterstaff from behind his back mid-sprint. He spun it dextrously between his fingers, increasing the rotation as it spun from arm to arm until it reached the top two, whereupon the rotation ceased, gripped taut as he swung it towards the goblin's head like a baseball bat.

Aegon felt a momentary dullness of mind as the warchanter reached out towards him, but as soon as the feeling began, it had subsided. The elf was on a roll, and he wasn't about to let some goblin witch's feeble magics slow him down. He hesitated momentarily, looking from the bleeding priest who was cornered by the goblin, to the larger group that included the warchanter. Indecision.

But only for a moment. Perhaps it was out of a feeling of religious devotion, or perhaps it was a lack of faith that the strange elven woman that continued to follow him about the battlefield could protect the man from his tiny attacker, given her relatively light, finessed blows, but Aegon would leave the other goblins for later--there was a life that needed saving.

He shouldered roughly past Sai, taking up a position at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the stage and shouted, "Hey! How about you go looking for some real trouble rather than that safe, unarmed kind?" He drove his blade forward, running the goblin through. "It's dangerous out here, Father! You and the others should take cover. Quickly!"

Jerking his blade to the side, Aegon lifted the limp goblin from the staircase and threw its body to the ground, providing the clergy a clear path to safety, wherever that may lie.


With all five pyros now having fallen, the goblin archer looked timidly towards the warchantress for guidance, but the charismatic leader seemed only further angered at having her plans foiled by this small group of defenders, and appeared to have no intention to flee. Perhaps by luck of the draw since she was partially surrounded by three enemies, she now turned her fury toward Gozzik Redknife. With an evil grin, she chattered out another magical verse, then let loose an ear-piercing shriek in his direction. All could hear the ear-splitting scream, but none were so affected as the halfling barbarian. The sound echoed about painfully inside his brain and threatened to bring him to his knees.

The archer, still frightened, but determined to follow his boss's lead, let loose an arrow in Gozzik's direction, successfully burying the small projectile in the halfling's thigh.

Meanwhile, on the stage, the priest and his acolytes breathed a sigh of relief as Aegon eliminated their attacker. Although he was still bleeding, Father Zantus motioned that he was alright, and began looking around the square for others that may be in need of his help. Noticing the flames growing inside the temple doors, he called out for some of the local guardsmen in the area to quickly douse the flames, resulting in about a half dozen concerned citizens rushing toward the building with buckets of water and bags of sand to extinguish the small fires.

<Updated Battlemap>

Tom o' the Six Strings

Satisfied that his spell had done it's job confidence got the better of Brego as he rushed forward to fight the goblin warchanter, still singing as he went. It may've either been over confidence or the recent wound to his sword arm, but Brego's swing goes wide, missing the goblin songstress

The smaller nuisances now dealt with, Aegon turned his attention to a bigger foe. He locked eyes with the warchanter and tightened his grip on his blade as he closed the distance between them. "What's the matter? Your goblin song going off-lyric a little bit?"

Parrying an interfering jab from the archer's bow, Aegon feinted "high" and slashed low, aiming to cripple the warchanter. Unfortunately, his feint was a little too honest, and he swung clear over the Warchanter's head. Had it been a human-sized goblin, he'd have caused quite the world of hurt, but as it was, he was left slightly dizzy, and no closer to finishing off the goblin.


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