Part 1: Consecration

Veritas made sure to help the confused cleric by extending his middle right hand and clasping the others behind his back.

And then the screaming came. "Just lock up with the acolytes and try to barricade the door. I believe we won't be long."

Veritas started jogging after the pair of Aegon and Saitylvaness, apparently intent on not missing out on the carnage.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego watched as the elves all made their way towards the battle "How elves live so long is beyond me" he said aloud with a tired sigh "It is nice to see that peer pressure still has an effect on me I suppose... Makes me feel young" he said, more to himself than to the others following after the others to see what they were going after

Gozzik began moving towards the sound of battle almost immediately, aware that the others would quickly pass him in any case, with their long legs. Why can't they be a proper size? he wondered, to himself, not for the first time.

As you moved out of the Square, two panick-stricken men who had been running in the opposite direction slid to an abrupt halt in front of you, nearly falling to the ground in the process. The men, who appeared to be of the noble class by their style of dress, appeared startled at first, but quickly realized that you were probably there to help and not to harm them.

"Th... they rushed through the north gate and began attacking everything in site," one of the men managed to get out "Th... they killed Uriah..." he whimpered, his voice filled with dread.

"They're over there, outside the White Deer," the other man directed sounding more resolute, his confidence having been boosted by your presence. He pointed in the direction of the upscale eatery and tavern on the north edge of town.

Sure enough, as you moved northward up Church Street, the source of the disturbance came into full view. There was a gathering of goblins outside the White Deer. Nearby, a bloody man was laying face down in the street, most likely the unfortunate companion of the man you had just spoken to. In the center of the clearing there was a fine looking, hunting dog, growling and barking loudly as it squared off with a bow-wielding goblin mounted atop a beast that looked almost canine itself, save for the leathery, blood red skin and the foaming saliva that dripped from between its jaws.

The left side of the tan-colored, hunting dog was already covered in its own blood, running from an arrow wound on its back You arrived just in time to see the goblin warrior draw back his bow and fire a deftly-placed kill shot right through the canine's throat. The dog fell lifelessly to the ground, and the goblin's own mount stepped up to take a triumphant position atop the fallen animal.

(replace the horsechopper in the picture with a short bow)

With the dog's death, the rest of the goblins felt it was safe to come out, and they quickly began sqealing in delight and dancing around the fresh corpse. They also moved ever closer to a man who had taken cover behind a nearby wagon. The man also appeared to be of the noble class, and although he held a small dagger in his hand, he was shaking uncontrollably and screaming desperately for help.

The only thing keeping him relatively safe was the riding horse that was tied up beside him. The horse reared up on its hind legs and made all kinds of noise, keeping the goblins at bay momentarily, but they seemed to grow braver with each ominous step in the direction of the horse and its owner.

In their moment of triumph, it appeared that the goblins had yet to notice you as you arrived on the scene...

Gozzik screams, flailing his sword around madly, and charges at the nearest goblin in an attempt to kill it.

Veritas, on the other hand, decided to be more "careful" about his approach.

"Hey, pukestains! Why don't you face someone who could kill you with two arms tied behind his back?!"

He spun his quarterstaff above his head, taunting the goblins with the classic "come on" gesture with the middle pair while the bottom pair remained behind his back emphatically.

Ye Map of Ole

Aegon approached the chaos and sized up the situation, moving carefully and deliberately to position himself in an advantageous spot for when the time to strike was right. Meanwhile, he held his blade at the ready, prepared to strike down any goblins that came within his reach as it once again crackled with crimson energy.


Previously, in the Cathedral square...

"Looks like it, Father. The guys at the Kitten might have to wait, or if you can brave it together, perhaps you and all the acolytes can join us, Father? Together we can have a better chance taking out all the goblins and helping out these people. Surely for even such a short trip, Desna would protect your travels, and for such a noble goal, as well." Jan's smile didn't falter even as she gazed towards where the screams originated.

Looking at all her fellow militia volunteers, she noticed that all of them were holding close-combat weapons of one kind or another. Keeping that in mind, she exchanged the bardiche in her hands with the longbow even as she followed behind the others. The weight of her tools and cloak kept her at the same pace as the halfling as they met with the first fleeing survivors of whatever ordeals they were rushing in to face, only to see the shortstuff charge up towards with a scream on his lips at the goblins.

Giving a simple rueful smile at the halfling's reckless antics, the woman pulled an arrow from its quiver. Then in a single motion she plucked the bowstring and let loose the arrow towards the strangely dressed goblin that she suspected was some kind of shaman.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego was less than thrilled, but that seemed the default feeling he had of late. The goblins were everywhere and in this case there were quite a few... After taking the hit in the previous battle he was in so hurry to get any closer towards death than before... However he knew that man didn't likely want that either

An idea popped into his head and he began to sing, casting a spell

"On Wildfire we're gonna ride -

Gonna leave sodbustin' behind.
Get these hard times right on out of our minds,
Riding Wildfire.

In the center of the group of goblins, a celestial horse would appear, beginning to menace the goblins, looking more like a predator than a normal herd animal

Saitylvaness Surprise Round

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Sai rushed forward, blade humming with arcane power. Stepping up to the Goblin front line, she tried to strike at a vital spot on the Goblin to her left.


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