So can it be any Heavy Metal? Like can I make a Dokken Inspired Character? I don't really understand the Heavy Metal Concept in the D&D game.

As long as you can show how your character is inspired by a song go ahead, and I say heavy metal cuse it provides some of the best lyrics but if you have a reggae or classic rock song that would make a good character use that.

Character application is complete, minus the Character sheet while I try to figure out how I am going to place 13,13,12,12,11,10 into a proper array that will help create a barbarian character that is not completely worthless to the rest of the party.

I'm going to be nice and say you can re-roll those.

Edit: Also human fighter your link is broken, but other than that I like.

Why thank you. I'm not complaining about the stats, I may keep them if the new rerolls are too over the top.

If we're being sent to this island as a prisoner, I assume we won't have any starting gear aside from a single outfit?

You can choose your background and how long have you been on the ´Devil´s Island´. So if yoru newly arrived, you prolly only have the starting items and few coins in your purse.

Well, I'm planning to be a new arrival, and I'll probably only go with an outfit and a hidden thieves toolkit if I'm allowed XD

you can even have "hidden" gemstone (of the value of your staring money) hidden in your body, if you like.


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