Hmm...I see...Do you know what the starting GP for a swashbuckler is supposed to be? I don't recall seeing it in the Complete Warrior Handbook

Swashbuckler is one of the "new core classes" so they dont have set "starting money" stated, but Id say, go with Fighter dices. (6d4*10 or average150gp)

So...minus the cost of the thieves tools...it'd be a gem worth 120 GP?

yeah, or would you want Masterwork tools ? (+50gp)

Character sheet updated and I fixed the link. I still have to do a character sheet, but after that it will be all done

EDIT: Application Complete. Being as she is going as a prisoner she will have no money or weapons...

Question: Will we all be adventuring together or is this set up like a solo sandbox type game? I do so love sandboxes...just not washing sand out of everywhere

Originally Posted by Tonizio View Post
yeah, or would you want Masterwork tools ? (+50gp)
I honestly did think about getting masterwork tools, but lets face it: the guy's only level 1 lol

nothing stoping you. Mw tools are just made by mastermaker, nothing more. What comes to the game style, its group based, with solo parts, fitting to the backgrounds and themes of your characters. And yes, sandboxy with story

Interesting concept. Think i might get an app in for a Samurai type, based on two songs. March of Cambraedth by Heather Alexander, and Winterborn by Cruxshadow...

Hi! Very interested in playing but I was looking around and couldn't find anything on playable races? I usually play Thri-Kreen and wouldn't mind trying out a 'prisoner' back ground for one. ECL isn't bad and I'm no powergamer. Thought it would be best to ask here first though.


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