I am currently perusing my The Sword albums waiting for something to leap out, and I'm thinking an archer of sorts.

What comes to races, Anything goes (without LA of course, as its Lv1 start), and templates (IF there is some of those) will come throught the game, as they are not something players can ask for.

I was wondering when the cut off is as I was contemplating applying with a secondary character if my first is not a good fit? I guess on that note are we allowed a secondary application?

Would Metabreath Feats from Draconomicon be allowed for use with the Dragonfire Adept? I know they have a clause that says they only apply to breath weapons that have a recharge rate in rounds, but some DMs waive it and some don't.

Its clearly stated: only breathweapons with recharge times. Few combos would be unbalancing otherwise.

And song "Ironman" speaks about Zombie-like creature.. if you would like to create something like that? (Libris mortis has some undeadthingies)

I interpretted it more as a man not living, therefore the warforged aspect. But thanks for answering my question!

Just watched Black Sabbath documentary, where Ozzy told about the song. He said it was made as an mockery toward superheroes, and was fashioned from the Thing. Ironman is good for Warforged thou, no worries.

I am still a bit confused here. I am not a hard core metal fan. In fact Tonizio makes fun of my hair bandness.

So might not pursue this one. But the overall theme is heavy metal, but still the D&D world. So will we fight like grim reapers that do sonic attacks while screaming ozzy osborn style? Or will we have to find ancient music sheets that grant divine power?

I just don't understand the main plot behind the game. Or what we will all be doing? Sorry to be troublesome.

Is this game still on? There has not been much activity as of late. I really love the idea behind the game and would really be disappointed to find out that it died before starting.

Oh it's still on, just holding out for any later applicants and trying to decide from the applications that have been received.


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