Before I apply for my main idea, I want to make sure it's allowed. He's a Lupin, which is originally an AD&D race from 1981. They were updated to 3.5 rules in Dragon Magazine # 325. His theme is "The Animal" by Disturbed. If that's not ok, I'll probably go with my secondary idea of a Cleric or Paladin themed with "Devils Never Cry" from Devil May Cry 3.

Posting interest with the 2 concepts:
first Wolf Lord theme She-wolf by Megadeth

2nd Bard theme Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth

I prefer the first but want to clear the class first before generating anything.

Baronkaun: I'll allow the werewolf class but you have to take all the levels of werewolf and wolf before taking levels of dire wolf, werewolves are pretty metal don't disappoint.

NanashiEru: tell me more about the Lupin (or better yet link me to an article if you can) and I'll probably allow it.

I'll PM the article site to you as I downloaded it from a site MythWeavers doesn't like having mentioned publicly. Essentially their anthromorphic wolves, tribal society, leaninf toward lawful, neutral, and good alignments. They have some minor stat boosts, and a few abilities referring to lycanthropy that if you wanted to ignore I'd be fine with (immunity to it, and ability to DC10 check instantly when a werewolf is in the area). They also can use their senses to detect someone's true form, such as a doppleganger or someone using a magic or mundane disguise. Personally, I'd rather have the "scent" feat (a homebrew feat which works like Listen or Spot, but for smells).

For Werewolf-type, there is Savage species (Animorphic Wolf, LA+2) Shifter (Eberron) or plain Werewolf template (with all its pros and cons) And ... now to think of it, I have "Compleate guide for Werewolves" by Goodman-Games.. and there is Werewolf "race" wiht +2 or +3La depending if your infected or purebreed.

And yes, Werewolf is very Metal!

I'll be writing up an application, using Emilie Autumn's music as inspiration. So far my ideas are Icesinger, from Dragon Magazine 314, a Maiden of Pain from Player's Guide to Forgotten Realms, a War Chanter from Complete Warrior, or a Seeker of the Song from Complete Arcane. No matter what, I'd ask that for the Ice Singer, War Chanter and Seeker of the Song that I could use a violin instead of singing.

Think any of these would work for your campaign?

Glad you two agree. I know there are several ways to do the Werewolf but with starting level one, I thought I would try to find a level progression. So do you two have a preferred route for me to take?

We need to have GM-pow-wov about that.. Let the peace pipe go for full circle.. and we will get back to you..
*puff, puff, pass*

Okay my questions were not answered by either of the two gms. So I will quote them again. I need to have a better understanding of this world, if I am going to apply for it. Like could I play a Necromancer named Eddie who raises up Skeletons in a very Iron Maiden sort of way?

Is this game set in some D&D future world where everything is heavy metal music based. Or is it like that stupid lame Jack Black video game.

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
I am still a bit confused here. I am not a hard core metal fan. In fact Tonizio makes fun of my hair bandness.

So might not pursue this one. But the overall theme is heavy metal, but still the D&D world. So will we fight like grim reapers that do sonic attacks while screaming ozzy osborn style? Or will we have to find ancient music sheets that grant divine power?

I just don't understand the main plot behind the game. Or what we will all be doing? Sorry to be troublesome.

Madhatter: The gameworld is going to be pretty standard "fantasy", with the exception that things have "musical" feel on them. (not nessecary metal, but as its close to my heart, its easiest for me)

You could play "Eddie the Necromacer" and it would fit perfectly, thou you could play Trooper, that was seeking revenge for Eddie the Necromancer, as Eddie brought his daughter to the Slaughter and tattooed in her labia, the Number of the Beast.... and Now your troopers daughter is not only Afraid of the Dark and Paranoid, but Lady Evil aswell...

See what I try to point?

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