I could be wrong but it seems someone is camping. Remember puff puff PASS lol

I do see what you point. And it makes me want to run to the hills. LOL

Sorry but Iron Maiden is one of my favorite bands ever. What are the character creation rules? I might of missed them some where. I am thinking of a were bear Human Fighter in his hybrid form wearing a steel face mask and calls himself the Trooper. Barely speaks and is covered in burn scars.

Okay never mind the last part. I found the creation rules. I have a character in mind I will use based off Iron Maiden songs.

Human Warlock. My first time ever trying the class.

I know the song I picked might not seem that connected with the character, but I went more for the theme of the song instead of picking out specific lyrics. Please let me know if there's any problems with anything I'm more than willing to fix something you have problems with or expand/explain it. (I know there's a couple of things that might set of red-flags, this is NOT my intention. )

I'm really thinking that this game is not ever going to get started. I am starting to fill up on my personal limits of games, I was looking forward to this one, but I cannot wait forever.

You both have multiple applications that are on par with/better than my own so one less applicant will not be missed.

I am bowing out. Ya'll have fun!

I've sent out invites I'll try to get things up and running tonight. Thank you everyone for your interest.

Thanks for the invite Serros.

Thank you for the game invite.

Your both welcome.

Thanks from me as well. This sounds like a great game and I can't wait to get into it!

Ouch, well I will have to find somewhere else to play a werewolf. Have fun guys!

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