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ShaderName: Shader
Gender/Race: Male-ish Warforged
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Dragonfire Adept

Character Bios

Kinas Farmer
Race: Human
Class: Warblade
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Appearance: Kinas is 5'6" and 168 pounds. He keeps his long black hair tied back so that it stays out of his eyes and wears his armor whenever he travels. He keeps his armor, weapons, and equipment in top condition because he knows that he has to rely on it. His eyes are light brown and he typically wears a heavy beard, mostly because he doesn't see the point in shaving it.
Personality: While Kinas is quiet and not boastful, he is more than willing to state his abilities as fact. At one time he rarely volunteered himself for anything, but since his mentor died he has been far more willing to risk himself to gain glory in combat(though some say he is looking for death.) He will stand up for what he see's as right, regaurdless of what others believe or what the law may say.
Background: Kinas and Kinath Farmers existance began in a small farming village. The twin boys could not remember very much about their farmhouse, how or why their parents were killed or how exactly the kind warblade who called herself May "the merciless" Westbridge came to find them. Indeed, for all intents and purposes she was their mother. She fed them and clothed them, bought them their first weapons and trained them in the martial art of the sword prince.

While May prefered the speed of the diamond mind discipline, Kinas sought out the secrects and flowing movements of the iron heart discipline, while Kinath focused on the savagery of the Tiger Claw path. Still she trained the boys well into their teens, by this time Kinas had become somewhat reserved and observant while Kinath had become more outspoken and brash. Both were becoming quite adept with the blade and worthy heirs to May's legacy.

One day they had entered a new town on foot(While May was as kind as could be, she hated riding animals and never wanted to invest in a wagon and told her protegee's that if they could not make it with what they could carry, they couldn't make it period). May's reputation had preceded her, however, and she was immediatly beset by the town's elders to stop an orc warband that was spotted several days out. She agreed before she had even heard what payment would be needed, as all she really needed was the good will of the town to be happy.

The small group came upon the encampment, it was a relatively small warband, not more than twenty or so orcs. May whispered to the boys her plan of attack Kinas and Kinath would flank from the right while she charged in and took out their leader, she pointed out a large orc that was leaning on a huge axe.

The twins snuck around to the other side of the encampment and waited on May to give the signal. She never told them what the signal was but they had both drawn their weapons, Kinath held two kukris while Kinas had a bastard sword but no shield. They did not hear her footsteps up to the encampment but heard the first orc scream as she shoved her rapier through it's neck and charged the orc's leader before it had even hit the ground.

Kinas saw a flash as Kinath gave a bestial roar and leaped into combat, slashing wildly at any orc brave enough to get within his stiking distance and leaping back into combat if he had even a few seconds without an adversary. In contras Kinas ran into the combat, picking off opponets who would face him. Kinas took his time and aimed for opponets individualy, striking down one orc after another. Most of the green skinned warriors were little more than simple brawlers, overconfident in their own abilities and suffering gravely for it.

May was not fairing nearly as well against her own opponets. The orc leader was skilled and quick, though may would have likely had little trouble against him in single combat. The complication was that she was surrounded by other orcs whose attacks she had to fend off and could not concentrate fully on the orc leader. This was her downfall for as she finally found her opening and struck her blade through his heart she was a split second off with withdrawing her blade as she blocked a club with her shield. The spitefull orc held onto her arm with his failing strength as she was set upon by the other orcs, still she managed to take a three more with her before she fell under their attacks.

Kinas saw her fall and ran to her aid, taking several blows to get there and placing himself directly over body. He fought with a barely contained rage, willingly taking a few more hits so that he could more effectively harm his enemies. Kinath seemed unaffected from her death, still going for wholesale slaughter. In the end there were only three orcs left before the withdrew, running for their lives. Kinath started running after them before Kinas yelled for him to stop through choked tears as he held his now-dead mentor.

Kinath looked on the scene with horror, "No..." his kukri's dropped from his hands as he rushed to his brothers side. They used their weapons to help dig a shallow grave for their mentor before they laid her to rest, driving her sword into the ground to mark her grave. As they stood there Kinas said to his brother, "May we both be honored with such a death... To lay broken among the bodies of our enemies."

The twins went their seperate ways after that and made few efforts to keep in contact. Both kept traveling and living off their blades, Kinas decided to travel to the Sleepwalker archipeligo in search of fame and fortune.
Song of Inspiration: Indestructable by Disturbed

Name: Marcus Crowley
Nick-Name: The Trooper
Race: Human
Age: 23
Class: Warlock
Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
Level: 1




Character Sheet

Inspired Songs

(Might edit this in the morning just to make the text flow better.)

Name: Thanos Coterel
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Class: Ranger (Urban variant)
Song of inspiration: I Can't Save You - Ozzy Osbourne


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