DM chatter

DM chatter

A place for us to discus issues rather than to throw ideas around.

First off I put an add up, let me know if you think something is missing.

Arrowhawk cheated on rolls.. rolling 3 times, and deleting first two.. Im sure, he dont know how the forum logs things.
For my book, he´s out. Without trial. Execution. Permadeath. DethKloK!

Ya I can see to two deleted posts. Also thoughts on what sources should or should not be allowed, I only have PHB and LM.

I have all the books published for 3.5ed (and MANY MANY of the 3th party) so Im open for any books (EXCEPT tome of battle classes, skills/feats are OK, classes not, from that book)

As its lv1, allowed books dont matter really, and Im open to allow "heroic" characters (witch meen, Actionpoints from Eberron, and +1 feat/level of core class) but that could be informed AFTER the characters were made, giving them a bit edge over common "adventurers" they are, afterall, the BAND of LEGENDS!

Alright so it looks like we aren't getting more applicants, I like HumanFighter, Podonis, and Sleeplessghost. What are your thoughts?

Thumbs for first two. A bit too much C-N for my liking.. but... we´l see

Im totally against Tome of Battle classes... (warblade) but its just my 2cents. (they over shadow so badly the core non casters)

LA question? Id say, take LA races, but your EX gain is hindered.. Until rest of the group is at the given level.. If the character idea is good enought, I dont see reason to prevent them.

Although personally I am more of a fan of taking monster classes I can see how that can ultimately lead to problems farther down the road so I'll agree on allowing LA races.

I give THUMBS up for MadHatters application aswell. (allready for few soty ideas, as its warlock...)
-> Demonhunter that has to battle against his inner demon(patron, that grants him the powers)
-> That Thiefeling he mentioned in his background..that was slaughtering virgin females..
-> Drakon.. his main nemesis..I was thinking that he might be of lv5 or some such.. not too far of enemy, they might face in relatively beginning, but when they defeat him, his true master makes an appearance..


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