Tierfon is a sparsely populated planet in the Expansion Region. Its surface is mostly landmass, covered in treacherous mountain ranges, creating small, beautiful valleys. The mountains are filled with native species adapted to the rocky terrain, including goats, large birds, and even a variety of bear. In the valleys the rare settlement can be found, mostly consisting of Human farmers. The bulk of the population can be found in Port Tierfon, a small spaceport which receives a bulk freighter with supplies every week or so. On the galactic scale, the planet has no importance, and has so far been completely ignored by the Republic, the Separatists, and now the Empire.

Planet Name: Tierfon
Location: Sumitra sector, Expansion Region
Moons: 2
Rotation Period: 22 hours.
Orbital Period: 321 local days.
Climate: Temperate
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Huge gorges, mountains, and rocky cliffs
Official Language: Galactic Basic Standard
Population: 150 thousand sentients
Capital City: Port Tierfon

The main point of interest on Tierfon is the station founded by the Rebels. The young station is home to the Tierfon Yellow Aces, a Y-Wing training squadron. The base houses the squadron, its support staff, and about a company's worth of SpecForce troopers responsible for the base's security. The squadron itself consists of the best of the best who come through the Rebel Starfighter Corps training, and is occasionally assigned to "low-risk" missions such as scouting missions and the occasional hit-and-run.