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Upon reading an off-hand reference to this forum on the D&D Community Forums, I figured I'd go ahead and check it out. I don't have a regular in-person group (getting six mid-30s on the same schedule is like herding cats, it seems), and I've done Play-by-Post in the past and found it a good way to get my gaming fix.

I've played (A)D&D 1.0, 2.0, 3.5-via-PC-games, and 4.0. I've been itching to get into a Dark Sun game for ages, but we'll see I suppose.

Welcome to the weave.

There's a very dedicated group of old school gamers here playing modern variants of AD&D and Basic D&D whilst 3.5/ Pathfinder are the most popular by some way if you lump them together.

Welcome to the weave.

May your characters be spun into the stuff of legends.

Hmmmm. I'm fairly intereted in getting into a DnD 1.0 game myself. Never really had the chance to though.

Should I run a 1st ed campaign?

ummm, im running a 1e game. Its red box (1e 3v) not AD&D if thats what you meant by 1st edition.

But anyways...
Welcome to the Weave!

Voxanadu you should but AFTER you run my tag team game with Unsoundcaesar

You know... at this rate eventually I'll have games planned out a year in advance.


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