First and foremost: We expect a post-per-day pace for this game.
If you think you're going to fall behind this for any reason, just let us know.
If you don't let us know, we reserve the right to NPC your character to move the story along, as necessary.
If we are going to be absent, we will make that well-known prior to the absence.

This next one will come later in the game, but we want to establish the rule now:
Posting will follow in the order it is first established in a thread.
If Dae begins a thread, Yui responds, then Aegis - posting remains in that order: Dae, Yui, Aegis
If a character has no logical response at a given moment, please post in OOC that you can be passed over.
GMs won't always insert themselves into conversations where they aren't necessary. In the same way, we don't expect every player to always have a response. If your character logically doesn't have a motion at a given time, we'd rather move the story along than have paragraphs of useless fluff to say that a character continues to sit on a barstool and watch two other characters converse.

As for posting length, we don't want to set any specific rule here because it ends up feeling laborious. Post logically, write well, engage with your character's internal monologue as well as external dialogue. Craft a scene, write what your character sees, doesn't see, wants to see, doesn't want to see. Be creative. On the same note, though, don't feel obligated to blather on to fill out posts. We want depth and realism, not lengthy prose that amounts to one or two sentences. If your character needs a quick response, do so. When and where you can add depth, do.

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