Loving The Cult, Tarakir! Very cool and good descriptions. Seems like an epic Faction . Can't wait to see the stats :P

DragonStar, post suggestions or ideas on this thread so the Races one is kept clean. Like the doppleganger idea! Would need restrictions. Such as 'unit appears to observing forces to be one level lower than it is.' Improved doppleganger might appear as 2 levels lower. Something like that. Can't be too open as Dragons appering as goblins is somewhat game breaking..

Map updates will come as Factions are created! Keep checking them.

Ok, just to clarify, if i have a level 5 non-upgraded troop with 2 abilities, the abilities would cost 16 points each, leaving 160-16-16=128 points remaining to spend on stats?
Also, does every stat have to have at least one point in it? Or could i make a very specialised creature that simply cannot say, defend itself.

Hey Wally! Thanks for your input . Yes, exactly right with your stats there! level5, nonupgraded, 2 abilities at 16 points each leaves 128 points to spend.

And every stat must have at least 1 point in it (you don't want to be being dealt infinite damage...). It'sonly one point after all .

Loving the new Factons!! Sam, check out your Virungan and Fomori - their points are a little over (19ish or something).

Very cool ideas! Favorites so far are Dread Angels which just sound terrifying and Cleaners which present some very cool ideas .

Got rid of that one for simplicities sake Wally. Need to make sure everyone has a grip on the game. Hopefully makes things more simple for you though!

Will this be like in the games, where you have a chance of recruiting the wandering units you encounter?


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