Thanks VT! No worries .

And yes, you will have a chance to recruit all neutral creatures. The prices to brie them into your army will be high though! Prices are lowered (and on the off chance negated) if you A: are part of that creature's faction. B: Have that creature in your current army. C: Are vastly more powerful than the neutral creatures. D: if the creatures are of low level.

But even if ABC and D are all true, you will still often have to fight.

Remember to create a Hero: Level 1 CORE 3.5 dnd with 32 point buy. NO magic items, but standard starting gold that can be used on mundane equipment.

If using casting heroes, remember you get no spells until you create a mages guild level 1.

This game is primarily about your faction, your troops and your allies though, so don't get tooo worked up about your hero! They are useful and have lots of things to do, but ultimately your troops, allies and City will win you the day, not your hero.

Question- I'm presuming 'Raise Dead's ability to resurrect doesn't last after the battle from personal experience, and it's kind of implied from the description. But just wanted to make sure?

Also. So I have an un-upgraded troop with 1 ability (let's say level 1 for simplicity). So 9pts to spend. When upgraded I want another ability. Just to clarify. You subtract 10% of the 15, and then subtract that from the 5 bonus point you have to add. Round down (presuming again) to give 3 points extra to spend? Rather than subtracting 10% of 14, which in this case gives same answer. But could not (and will make big difference on large troops). This seems obvious, but for some reason the way I was sorting out my troops on paper I had to add this into my calculations to stop me doing the latter. Or, since you haven't given added, but a new total for the upgrade. Do you recalculate. Taking the % of the first upgrade also from the new total? Sorry, this is convoluted. You know what I'm talking about though.
Uhn, also also (lol's if anyone's seen the beginning oh Monty Python Holy Grail) where's explanation of transferring points? I saw Wally's question, and seem to remember you telling me... but can't find it ):
Btw, everything looks AMAZING, great job! And the teams up so far look sick! Really looking forward to playing with you guys.

Good to have you on board Thunder!

I know what you mean, but man that post was convoluted.. Ok:

Transferring 50 points between levels of troops i demed too complex so have scrapped it. Sorry if that was up your sleeve!

Points to stats 'transfer', as you know, on a 1 point to 1 stat basis.

As for the rest - Take level 2 as an example. 20 points to start with. 1 ability (call it flight) costs 2 points. Simple - When upgraded, they have 30 points to start with (but 20 is already used so you just get to add 10 points worth of stuff). HOWEVER, your ability (flight) now no longer costs 2 points but 3, because your 'tenth' has changed. so the ability costs 3, not 2, leaving you with 9 points to add. Any extra abilities cost 3 points each.

That shoud be nice and clear . If it's not, do let me know!!

Happy Days!

I have to say that your idea is awesome Thunder, I can picture towering colossals striding forth from the ocean as hordes of merfolk and undead sailors rush forward. Really really cool.

Agreed. Another very very cool idea! Can really envisage the force.. Great effort! Thunder, if you could just check the stats for Vampire Squid and Kraken, that'd be great. Think they're a bit out atm.

Also, DRAGONSTAR, you working on a force? Could do with it soon! If you need a hand let me know. Don't wanna keep these guys waiting.

VT any stats for me? Also need a little more description when you get the chance man.

Thanks for all your hard efforts guys! Lots of sweeeet teams coming in!! Loving it.

*looks around guiltily*

erm... yeah I have some stats coming on the character going with a Half Orc barbarian. You should see him sometime tomorrow since I can't get to my PHB till then I can definitely work on the descriptions a bit tonight

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