TIP: There is a LOT of damage dealt QUICKLY in this game. Results in fast post turn around . In Heroes of might and magic 5 (or any of them really) level 7 troops might have 200hp and have 40 attack and max damage. In this your attack and max damage can EXCEED your hit points and often do - This means that if a faster level seven hits yours and your defence isn't higher than their attack and they have huge max damage then you will lose a LOT of high level creatures.

If in doubt, max out defence.

Do not be alarmed if you lose high level creatures to another PC who comes to get you if your defence isn't big. Maxing out attack works perfectly in nearly all situations except where the enemy has high level creatures which are faster and hit hard.

... just so you're all warned

I totally get what you are saying with the high defence and I thought about it. The problem is the "flavor" I am going for is a charge in reckless type of army. I tend to go for story over numbers even in a game like this. However, I will chew on it a bit and maybe switch some stuff up.

VT, in most situations Charge in high attack and damage will win you the day! No doubt .

It was just a warning incase you come up against a foe that's got a faster charge and smashes you for six before you can. But if you pick your battles then there'll be no problems im sure. Just want to make sure no one feels hard done by when one Player wipes them away for whatever reason.

GUYS, some troops will be better against others! So it DOES matter what you pitch against what. If your second level troop has such a low attack they'll take a long time getting through the level four paladins defence -while they could be killing level one's- then kill the level ones. Also, what will a level four troop with huge damage potential but low attack be good at killing?! Low attack means it needs to go against low defence troops where attack doesn't matter as much. That particular level four troop would be incredible against level 1 and 2 troops, and terrible against level 5 or above, as it can barely get through their defence. Hope this is helpful in helping you decide what will be good against What!

... another reason why the spy Network buildings are a good buy.

I get that exactly. In fact (: I'm counting on it. Btw, is there anyway of testing our armies out before the real thing? I love my army, but there's a VERY high chance of getting absolutely owned. I did a lot of experimenting.

Also, I have sorted out the Vampire Squid and Kraken. The Kraken are stronger, and the vampire squid worse- it's strange, but I think I've got it right now.

I will show you some test plays of troops so you can see how it works - but onlyonce we're done here.

Thunder, Kraken and Vampire Squid are still well out.. the rest are solid

Also guys, loving the flavour of your descriptions, but some are getting vague. The description needs to show a certain amount about what the troop is good at, as lots of you are doing.

Eg, Knight - stalwart defender of Christendom, is somewhat lacking in info for people wanting to defeat them. Knight - Able to withstand ranged attacks better than anyone and a stalwart defender of Christendom, would be a poor description, but fits he bill perfectly. Now everyone knows he has a large shield, or something like it.

I'm sure we'll all appreciate knowing something about the troops we face, so scratch each others backs guys

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