The City of Faith
All Humans.

Drunkards - Before Allaxei's arrival, Faith's streets were littered with drunkards, who, when prompted, were known to shout abuse and feebly attack.
Militia - However with the barracks reinstated, the layabouts had some drive and purpose in their lives. They formed Faith's new militia. When facing the combined might of the militia, enemies have been known to quake in terror.

Restless Marauders - Rage and envy often drove men and women to loot and pillage. These unpredictable folk have been brought up on a lifetime of battle.
Wardens - But Allaxei saw the potential in them and sculpted them into Faith's fine defensive force.

Rogues - Thieves and bandits operate in the dark backstreets of Faith. Just one feeble arrow wound dealt by a rogue can fester quickly and catch any opponent unawares.
Scouts - Those caught by Allaxei's Wardens find a new outlet for their talents and make up the city Scout force. This force specialises in ranged warfare and espionage.

Doomsayers - In the past days of the city of Faith, it was easy to say the end was nigh. Doomsayers were at the forefront, spreading fear and lies through the use of their less than potent magic.
Scholars - These Doomsayers found new hope following Allaxei's arrival and put their magic skills to better use. Some say that when the Doomsayers left us cruel weather left the skies.

Cut-Throats - Beware of the shadows, as they are the playground of Faith's Cut-Throats. They come from nowhere, steal your strength and disappear without a trace.
Templar - "Why fight between yourselves for meagre resources when you could join forces and hunt the enemy outside?" Allaxei asked. The Cut-Throats had no reply. The Cut-Throats began to put down their daggers and work together as a unit, fighting selflessly.

Bounty Hunters - If the price is high enough, the Bounty Hunters will always find you. Deadly accurate with their bows and fast, nigh impossible to catch.
Knights - Channeling their supreme talents to the defence of the city, the Knights are Faith's great hope. They raise their swords as one to destroy weaker foes.

Tainted - The underlords rule everything night touches. They are fast and tough and able to channel their hatred of life into powerful spells.
Redeemers - Allaxei was able to revoke the corruption throughout Faith, and those that were free of taint were now truly full of both might and powerful magic. Where the Redeemers go, life follows.

The Drowned

Poesidon's warriors. When the ocean calls for blood; the servants of the deep follow. A mixture of magic, undead, and many an ancient civilization lost to the depths, all brought together by the great god and led by the mighty sentinels.

Triton the Merman (primary hero): This mighty hero is the son of Poseidon himself. His tail is heavy with polished bronze scales and bordered by razor-sharp fins. He brandishes a gigantic fey trident whilst clasping his conch shell trumpet. It is said that when blown giants quake and waves stand still! In battle he is carried aloft in a monstrous clam shell, filled to the brim with brine!

Drowned: The spirits of those lost at sea, some only scraps of bone and others half-rotten corpses. The soldiers of the sea are stubborn and slow.
Barnacled Drowned: The eldest and revered of the spirits are plastered in barnacles, the natural armour of the ocean.

Mermen: The inhabitants of the deep sea cities. Each is trained to throw a javelin from birth but not, however, how to slither on dry land.
Crowned Mermen: Nobles of the merpeople and well-taught in how to slither. Much more quick and deadly in combat than their less-noble siblings.

Mermaids: Natural bowmen, these odd women may be slow; but they pack a punch.
Mermaid Archers: Trained in the art, they're twice as fast and far more ferocious.

Sea Hags: Witches cursed with clawed hands, webbed-feet, and a wicked taste for seafood (especially shrimps!). These witches are grizzly and tough as well as gifted in the art of curses and blessings.
Deep Sea Hags: These sea hags have been deprived of shrimps too long and driven into deeper waters, in their desperation they have been known to regenerate limbs to get at their prey.

Vampire Squid: These specimens come from the tropical oceans, where many a sailor has been found washed-up on shore sucked dry to the bone. They struggle to grapple with more powerful foes, but our quick and sturdy.
Kraken: Deep sea cousins of the vampires these squid are much the same, but whereas it is easy to find prey in the shallows in the depths it is tricky. These rarer squid are moderately more powerful and have a much larger appetite.

Sunken Golems: Relics of a time long past these mechanical-monsters glow eerily in the darkness and make strange other-worldly cranking noises. They're reliability is out-standing and they never tire.
Flashing Golems: The glow that was passive in the damaged golems is hostile in these. Their limbs flash with sparks of lightning that slay even the greatest of foes at the slightest touch.

Divine Archers: Great god-like colossi of the sea wielding mighty bows.
Sentinels of Poseidon: Poseidon's chosen, these colossi guard his city beneath the waves and are gifted with mighty powers of retribution and augmented strength.

Legion - The Untrainable Swarm.

- Droves of Rats the size of small men swarm in their millions, slaves to their Vermin Masters..

- Armored and wielding Glaives, these slaves are veterans who have proved their worth.

Plague Bearers
- Wielding censors smoking with green gasses, a charge from these plague bearers is rightly feared.

- Fast and agile, these rats react faster than any man, and leave a festering wound with every bolt..

Grey Seers
- Masters of the warped Green Stone magics, the powers at a Grey Seer's command are truly terrifying.

Rat Ogres
- Rats the size of ogres, bated and bred for war these ogres are feral, never stop attacking, and terrifying

Vermin Lords
- Huge, horned and destructively intelligent, Vermin Lords lead their forces to war. Their scythes cleave bloody swathes through all they come across.

FOG, The fellowship of Gnomekind
It is rare that the gnomes march to war, but when their homes are threatened, or a particularly enlightening piece of knowledge is threatened, the come out from their burrows with many amazing contraptions to ensure the safety of their target, and woe betide any who stand in their way.

Warhogs Warhogs are bred primarily as pets, but with their defensive temperment, they make for excellent war animals. Once the enemy has had a taste of them in battle, they rarely return for a second helping.
Warboars As the hogs age, their hide thickens and their hair becomes coarse and wirey, Warboars can hold out when a lesser hog would fall.

Commandos Gnomes realise that their stature prohibits going toe to toe with the larger races, their answer comes in the agile and highly trained commandos, experts in more nefarious tactics.
Special forces After many successful missions, a commando may be invited into the special forces, these gnomes have proven their mettle time and time again, destroying an enemies capacity for war from the inside.

Engineers Engineers all create their own weapons, leading to a startling array of weapons, all of which are geared towards killing the enemy before he can land a blow on his more fragile opponent.
Specialists Specialists have spent more time on battlefields and laboratories, their weapons are far more proficient at destroying their enemies.

Riders Riding wardogs, these brave gnomes race up the battlefield at a horrendous pace, cutting the enemy down in hit and run tactics.
Lancers Lancers are the veterans of the gnome military, known for their impeccable timing, a skilled lancer can easily hit a thrown penny while his dog rides at full sprint.

Tank Just as the engineers work on their weapons, they work on the tanks, each bringing his own unique flair to this slow monstrosity. What it lacks in speed, it more than makes up for in power.
Three Tonne Tank The Three Tonne Tank is larger, faster and harder hitting than its little brother.

Wizards Gnomish wizards have spent years in their alchemists labs, working on the very best spells they can create.
Warlocks Warlocks are the equivalent of a professor of magic, only the most powerful wizards are able to gain enough knowledge to be admitted into this most sacred circle.

Cannon The gnomish cannon packs a punch few others can match, coupled with the auto loading system, it is a behemoth of modern technology.
8 Incher The 8 Incher used a much larger calibre cannon ball, this comes with larger amounts of powder used, and a larger impact.


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