The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Darkbird insisted upon the title.
I have absolutely no idea why.
Maybe that has to be the title of your little skit?
Maybe it's what your prize will be!
Totally fantastical!

I'm not retyping all the rules for this pregame game; they are in the other thread that you should be keeping up with!


"My dearest, were thine eyes to breed and fill the skies," Aiden speaks in a sultry voice, "My heart would soar to heavens high..."

"Reeeeeeally?? That's so cool, Aiden! Where is that from?? It sounds so fancy! Did you make it up yourself?" questions Yui, her eyes aglow with sickening merriment and cheer.

"Um...yes," replies Aiden.

"Can you teach me how to make pretty poems like that? I promise I'll try really hard! Teach me teach me teach me!" demands the girl, tugging on his sleeve.

A cough from the side interrupts them. A dapper looking fellow in a tuxedo stood by their table, "Pardon me, monsieur, mademoiselle. I was informed that a celebrity was in our midst. I have the honor of being Bataleur. As the maitre d' of this establishment, I will personally take your order, if it pleases you."

"Oh, how wonderfully nice of you, maiden Dee!" squeals Yui.

"It's pleasure, mademoiselle," coughs the man.

"Tell me, how is the cherry dessert?" asks Aiden.

"Smooth as a baby's butt, sir," comes the reply.

Scanning the menu, Aiden raises another question, "Well, what about the grail? It says here it's holy?"

Leaning over to look it over himself, Bataleur flushes with embarrassment, "My apologies, monsieur. Our printers have made an error. One can only expect so much with the ridiculous Newfoundland time zone they are in. That is, in fact, the holey grail. Skewered then roasted to allow the flavour to seep throughout the dish. A fine choice."

Smiling and handing back the menu, Aiden says, "We'll have that, thank you."

Waiting only for the man to walk away, Aiden again leans in close to Yui. "Fairest of nymphs, I know it beyond my grandest dreams, but would you perhaps-- perchance--grant me the favour of a kiss from your most delicate lips? To whet the appetite, as they say in my home port of Heptos."

Before the girl is able to reply, they hear the sound of a bell ringing in their direction. Without warning, a uniformed bike cop comes riding in. Unfortunately, in his eagerness, he misjudges his speed, careening his vehicle into another table filled with Mexican nacho libre fans. Foam body parts are part of the casualties as the men go flying. A taco hat of the such material lands on Aiden's head.

"My apologies," says the officer to all around. "But frivolities are subject to a Public Display of Affectations fee. That is, unless you have the paperwork. I can get it signed and stamped for you within the hour to minimize wait times, but that would require a rush order package. Still very affordable though!"

"What? That's ridiculous," cries Aiden. "Those people over there are in a state of undress! That man's girth is clearly in evidence and that woman over there is suckling her infant by the fountain!"

"Sir, what did you expect? This is a strip mall. That sort of activity is permitted. PDAs, however, are not."

"Let's not fight," begs Yui from the table.

"I shall not lower myself to his level. I demand to speak to your superior!" demands the bard.

Pointing to his gold sheriff star, the bicycle cop replies, "Speaking. Officer Odd. Angel Odd. Now about that fee..."

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