Gruumsh talk out of character

Whee... this game has a Wiki now... just somewhere to put the exterior maps and because I hadn't created an ingame wiki before and I wanted to learn how to do it!

Let's say that you also have been given a healing kit that was provided by the town council as part of he payment for the job.

You lacking consistency with ya fonts. Maybe I should penalize your xp. Nash

125 party xp for each of those two orcs. 250 for that encounter.

Fonts are fixed it's a pain to have to 'go advanced' all the time to set them

I normally edit an old post and just copy the tag or the whole post and replace the middle. Only a partial page reload

Mods were very quick to add in a new feature to dice roller after my request. Can now roll dice and keep lowest using 'k'.

ie 2d20k1 will roll two 20 sided dice and keep lowest.


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