Dramatis Personae

Dramatis Personae

This be for NPC's and Players alike.
Dramatis Personae

Local sheriff. A tall laid back individual who believes a good firm booting up the arse usually sets people straight.
Saecharian Dol'erathjianika
Local seer. A seven year old girl with an uncanny ability to foretell events and baffle people with stupidly long names and words.
Grack the Trader
Half hobgoblin trader. Pretty much the only channel of communication between the civilised races and the monsters. Trades all sorts of items including weapons, food, skins and gems.
Burnt Face
Orc Leader. Known for great brutality and stupidity. Fearless beyond reason as most noted by his accepting a dare to see how long he could stick his head into a bonfire.
Tom Tom
Goblin Chieftain. Known to be sex crazed he has sent goblin gifts to woo farm girls. None have been impressed.

A fiery elven wizard, fascinated by magical research and applying the results. She seeks to protect the innocent and increase her power and knowledge by the acquisition of magical devices and ancient rituals.
A red haired dwarf warrior with an impressive beard. He served in the army in his youth and gained a fearsome reputation for slaying goblins. He served with Saslic at the end of the wars and took a liking to the young mage. Since then he has been travelling with her and stopping her more impulsive moments from becoming terminal mistakes.

working on the latest playtest update, and levelling up to level 2.

Status: Saslic updated and level 2, Banelin updated and level 2

working on the latest playtest update (December 2012)

Status: Saslic done, Banelin nothing

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