Gruumsh's Eye Fable

Gruumsh's Eye Fable

Hragon sat down at the table and eyed the plates of half eaten lamb and spuds in front of Saslic and Banelin. Turning he called loudly across the room to the barkeep. "Red, bring another plate and more drink. The good stuff." Turning back he grinned "Hungry and Thirsty work this so the town can pay tonight."

He used his left foot to hook the leg of a nearby chair recently vacated by someone heading to the bathroom and pulled it into position to use as a foot rest before he refocused on Banelin, "So as I was saying earlier the work involves getting the.. well what I mentioned earlier. Saeech had a vision of it being found before the next full moon and we all well and truly taking it up the backside if it's not us that get it. Now I normally would take what the little so and so says with a large shot of dwarven whisky but it's not like she's ever been wrong. Also town council given me approval to reach into the coffers so whatever.. you get paid and I get a bonus to escort you as far as old Grumps shack. So can't lose eh."

He smiles broadly as his food and more drink arrives. He downs a mouthful and just before he starts devouring the lamb asks, "any questions or we good with all this?"

Saslic raises her eyebrows at the uncouth comments from the sherrif, frowning slightly. Banelin stifles a laugh, trying to remain dignified for Saslic's sake - he knows she gets annoyed by tomfoolery in public.

"Yes, I have a question. Once we get past the goblin's house what should we expect? Since we are new to the area we need to know just how infested with orcs the surrounding areas are."says Saslic.

Banelin nudges her, "Come on, he doesn't know that. We're here to go get the artifact before the orcs do, kill as many orcs as possible, and get back in one piece. The man is paying for that." He grins at Hragon.

He furrows his brow as he absorbs Saslic’s words, "Goblin’s house? Ohh you mean old Grumps. Naah he wasn’t a goblin, just an old trapper. But he’s long dead. Rumor has it he ran afoul of the gnolls, his shack nothin but a ruin now."

Hragon burps loudly and grins broadly "Ehh.. pardon me m'day. Those beans earlier might not have been such a great idea."

Turning his grin to Banelin ,"Wouldn’t hurt none if you could kill a few Orcs sure. Maybe do the same for the goblins, hobgoblins, gnolls and kobolds whilst you at it if ya bored. " He grins at his little joke before continuing, "As for what you can expect, that I have no idea. I don’t go near that ravine, too damn dangerous for me by far. Only one I know that goes there is Grack and good luck getting him to tell you anything unless you show him coin. Some of the hunters here could tell you stories, some maybe even have a sliver of truth to them. And if you wanting any more on what the eye be looking like or where it might be then it’s off to little Saechy you go. "

He downs the reminder of his drink and stands readying to leave, "Anyhow there is a pretty lass I want to have a few words with tonight so I’ll leave you to it. Next round also be on the town but after that it’s your own coin. I’ll meet you at the West gate at dawn, we should make the shack and be in view of the ravine before noon tomorrow. "

Saslic looks nonplussed at his manner, but says, "Thank you for the advice, we will visit Saecharian and meet you in the morning." She puts down her wine and looks ready to leave.

"I don't think we need hunter's stories, we just need some axe room!" says Banelin, getting into the mood of the conversation. "Might be a good idea to find out what this eye looks like though. Didn't Corellian cut it out with a sword? How did that story go?" He quickly pours the rest of his ale down, and grabs another from the tray of a passing waitress. for a second he looks like he will pinch her, but he gives Saslic a sidelong glance and resists the urge.

"Indeed, it was a mighty battle, I will recite it while we travel tomorrow. The tale takes some time and deserves to be told in full." replies Saslic.

As Banelin quaffs his final tankard, he stands, shakes Hragon's hand and says, "See you in the morning! I'm looking forward to having some fun tomorrow."

Night has fallen by the time Saslic and Banelin finish their meal and depart the tavern. Only the light from the gibbous moon and a few lamps light the way as they make their way to the very average looking cottage a few doors down. A wooden sign hanging above the door with a painted eye being the sole indication that the directions were correct.

Inside they are greeted by the widower Tayoba who quietly leads them to her daughters room.

Layers upon layers of curtains and hanging sashes conceal the walls and any windows or doors of the small room. Once Saslic and Banelin are inside Tayoba allows the curtain to close behind them as she retreats to elsewhere in the cottage.

The floor of the room is covered by numerous carpets and mats. In the centre on the only cushion sits a young girl wearing a plain yellow dress.

She looks up with a dreamy unfocused expression and her voice, though that of a young girl, seems to come from far away "Saecharian Dol'erathjianika welcomes those seeking audience"

Banelin looks like someone just sneezed as Saecharian introduces herself, but Saslic speaks before he can comment. "Thank you Saecharian. I am Saslic and this is Banelin." She gestures to herself and the dwarf as she speaks. "As you probably know, we are here to seek the Eye of Gruumsh and prevent it falling into the hands of the orcs. The sheriff said that you are a seer, and could describe the artifact to us."

The little girl reaches up and starts picking her nose as she speaks once again in that faraway voice "Saecharian Dol'erathjianika recalls divinity’s observer remnant portrayed moist betwixt blood without illumination."

"So it's dark and covered in blood." says Banelin, looking at Saslic. "Shouldn't be too hard to find in caves full of orcs and goblins!" he snorts a little at his own humour. "Is there anything in particular we should look out for girly?" he asks the mystic.

The little girl yawns and curls up on the pillow as her eyes close she mutters quietly and both Banelin and Saslic are forced to crouch down near her to hear her words "Saecharian Dol'erathjianika divines dripping maleficence enshrined, lifeless guards unfalteringly unaware advancing clamor."

Saslic stands up from her crouch and says to Banelin, "So it's in a shrine with undead guards. That could prove to be something of a challenge."

"Well, you know me, always up for a challenge! We should let the girl sleep and get some rest before tomorrow." says Banelin.

The adventurers thank the mother for her daughter's time and set off for the inn and a rest before they venture forth into the unknown.


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