Gruumsh's Eye Fable

"Let's rest for a bit." says Saslic. She gets out the healing kit and tends to Banelin's wounds.

While he takes a breather Saslic says, "That place was the most like the vision. There were undead there at least - we should explore more. Do you feel up to going back in now?" she thinks for a minute. "I'm running out of magic, maybe we should have a rest and come back tomorrow."

"I'm not sure Saslic, those wounds weren't too bad, I just needed a breather." he pats his chest, "I'm feeling a lot better now, a dwarf has a hearty constitution!" He looks thoughtful, "That place was far noisier than the other caverns, maybe because it was paved. The echoes of the first battle bought reinforcements very quickly."

"I have my slippers in my pack, maybe they would help." says Saslic. "But what will we do about you?" she looks pointedly at Banelin's hardened leather boots with studs.

"Well, I could go barefoot." Banelin replies.
Saslic gets a cheeky grin, "...and have someone confuse you with a halfling?"

"Ok, ok, that's enough out of you! Lets come back tomorrow. We'll need some more of your firepower if we get into a big mess again like we did today. Hopefully there aren't many of those zombies left now."

With that the two set off for the hut.

Once they get back to the hut and stop for a light meal, Saslic says, "I'd like to go back to town and get some supplies. I think we could use some oil, rags and ropes. The sheer number of humanoids and undead out here are a bit hard to cope with."

"I could use a warm meal!" says Banelin. "But what makes you think they will give those things to us?"

"Well, they did hire us, so they should provide us with some more materials. Let's find out."

After their meal, they set off to the town, hopefully arriving before dinnertime.

They have to hustle a little towards the end of the trip but they do both make town before the sun sets. As they walk past the Seer's home they spot further down the road a group of people including Hragon entering the tavern.

"Ho, Hragon!" calls Banelin, as he and Saslic approach the tavern. "We've made some good progress, but need some provisions. Can we talk inside?"

"Maybe after a bath." says Saslic, crinkling her nose at the smell of the zombies that still sticks to Banelin.

Later, after the two adventurers have cleaned up and sat down over a steaming hot bowl of mutton stew and ale, Hragon finishes a round of drinks with his mates and moves over to sit with them.

"Wasn't expecting to see you till tomorrow. My plan was to come and check how ya going." he grinned broadly "Not that I'm complaining. Save me tired legs some. So tell me what you have found out so far and what is it ya be needing?"

Saslic pulls out some charcoal and sketches roughly on the tabletop (parchment is much too expensive for notes!). "We found an orc den here," she marks the orc caves, "and killed a bunch of sentries but had to leave because the rest of the nest heard us. There are quite a lot of orcs in there." She draws some more of the valley, showing the other side. "On this side we saw gnolls and hobgoblins, but we stayed away from there. They are patrolling in groups of up to ten, far too dangerous for a direct assault."

Saslic pauses and sketches the tunnel where they encountered the zombies. "Here's the most interesting part of the valley. The seer talked of an altar and undead, and we found some old tunnels that are worked with stone. There was well preserved paving in here, but the place was infested with zombies."
"Aye, that was a little exciting." says Banelin, "It would have been better if we hadn't made so much noise and had half the place attack us in a pack."
Saslic nods, "We need some supplies to help us deal with that. Our plan is to go back and further investigate the tunnels where the zombies were. Ideally we need some blankets to help muffle our foosteps, ropes to set up cordons for the unintelligent undead and oil, lots of oil. Torches too."
"And someone to help carry it to the shack." Banelin comments. "Also, some poles. Quarterstaves or spear shafts would do as well."
Banelin looks around the room, then says to Hragon, "In fact, is there anyone here who would be willing to help? I could use a spear carrier. They would need to come with us, carry the gear, and be able to hide when we go into the tunnels. It will be dangerous though."

Hragon ponders for a moment, is distracted by his drink arriving. Takes a big swig and then stares at Banelin blankly for moment before seeming to remember it was his turn to speak.

"Yeah oil, blankets, rope and some poles can do. Someone willing to help, well as I said we don't have much in the way of fighters here anymore. Ravell would have been ya man before he tangled with one of those bands a few months back. I guess there might be a few willing to the work you want for coin, if ya like I can round up a few and you can see if that what you looking for in the morning?"

"That would be great," says Saslic. "We're not looking for fighters, just some brave souls willing to help carry the gear."

Hragon nods and takes another mouthful. Frowns at his now empty mug and calls for another before continuing.

"Okay, so in the morning I'll let Grechen now you'll be looking to pick up some supplies before I go chase up a few souls. I'll have those interested meet up outside the Grechen's shop by the midday bell and then after ya made ya choices I'll review your supplies."

As his next drink arrives he stands to take it obviously intending to take it back over to his noisy friends, "Well have a good night and I'll be seeing you midday."

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