Gruumsh's Eye Fable

"Ok, see you then." says Saslic. Banelin waves.

The companions settle down to a quiet meal and a rest in a bed before setting forth the next day.

The quiet meal soon turns into a storytelling session as news of Saslic's and Banelin's exploits become known. Drinks are bought and drank. Laughter and cheering accompany the people of the town into the wee hours.

Next morning heavy heads struggle to rise and breakfast. But eventually the two adventurers find their way to the local shop where an old wizened lady raises her eyebrows but remains silent.

"Good morning," says Saslic, "We have found ourselves to be a bit under-equipped for some of the situations we have encountered in the valley. I have a list of gear that should make our task of protecting the village a little easier."

She pulls out a scrap of parchment with the following items listed:
  • 2 bags of ball bearings
  • 2 bags of caltrops
  • 20 pints of oil
  • 2 poles (10 foot length desired)
  • 100 feet of hemp rope
  • half a dozen sacks
  • 20 torches
  • a crowbar
  • 2 tinderboxes
  • a shovel

Banelin says, "And I need a short range weapon I can throw, like a couple of handaxes or hammers. Do you have anything like that?"

The old lady stares at Saslic for a long hard minute before taking the parchment and spreading it out between her and the elf. She runs an wrinkled finger down the list. She shakes her heard at the ball bearings and the caltrops, nods to the everything till the crowbar at which she shakes her head again. Nods for the the last two items and then indicates the shelves, boxes and barrels that crowd the next two rooms.

To Banelin she just shakes her head.

Saslic looks a bit confused for a moment, and then says "Ok, should we help ourselves to the items you have?" She waits for the old lady's response before taking anything from the shop.

Banelin says, "Of course, there must be a blacksmith here, he will have the rest of the things we need." He thinks, trying to recall if he has seen a blacksmith in town.

The old lady just nods and waves Saslic towards the other rooms.

As Saslic and Banelin go about collecting the items she directs them, with just another wave of a old hand to place them on a sturdy table in the corner. By the time the two have collected everything bar the few unavailable items it's taken them the better part of an hour of rummaging through the unmarked boxes. The old lady has watched them and occasionally pointed a finger towards a far corner when they got too far off track. Not once did she utter a word.

Hragon wanders in not longer after they finished and eyes the table with interest.

"Quite a collection there. Within budget?" the last he asks of the old lady.

She cocks her head in thought for a moment then raises a single shoulder in a partial shrug.

"Close enough then. You pack that up and then it should be about time for the few fellows that were interested to get here."

"Thank you for helping us. We will do our best to stop your town from being threatened by the orcs. I hope to see you again soon." says Saslic to the strangely silent old lady.

Banelin hefts all the gear and they leave the shop. "Where's the blacksmith?" he says to Hragon, "I need a couple of axes and a crowbar." He thinks for a moment and smiles, "It might be nice to get one of the guys to carry a cask of ale up to the shack, that would make it much more enjoyable, in spite of the smell of the orcs!"

Saslic looks at Banelin, and then Hralgon, and rolls her eyes, "I don't think that will be necessary!" she mutters.

Hragon directs Banelin to leave the other stuff here reminding him that they'll be coming back to meet their prospective porters just outside anyhow. Then leads them to the blacksmith. Hragon pauses a half dozen steps from the door he indicates, "His name is Curry and he's not the most polite and I'm not on the best of moods to deal with him so good luck." .

Banelin finds that he needs to spend a few minutes banging on the door till the blacksmith awakens and opens the door bathing them in a strong smell of alcohol and sick.

"WHAT? By the 'ells it's not even noon and you beating on me door good enough to burst it!"

He peers through half shut lids first at Banelin, the sour expression changing to a frown that quickly becomes an open sneer as he spots Saslic, "Carpenters down the way pointy ears."

Saslic looks the blacksmith up and down, then says"I'm not sure anything he makes will be worth the bother. You deal with him, I don't want to listen to this." and she walks down the road, out of easy earshot from the blacksmith.

"Ok, you, yes I was beating on the door. apparently you are the only person in town who deals in iron, and I need some to go kill some orcs. I want to have a look at your inventory." Banelin replies. He taps his foot impatiently while waiting for an answer.

The blacksmith watches Saslic walk away for a bit then turns and gives Banelin an unfriendly smirk, "You still stink of Elf, come back after ya washed."

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