Gruumsh's Eye Fable


Moving cautiously into the darkness towards the body Saslic and Banelin all too quickly find themselves at the junction. To their right the passage continues a short way before opening up into a room from where the majority of the harsh voices can be heard. The light from the distant cave entrance is too dim here to make out anything but the rough shape of the room. It sounds like more than two Orcs but it's hard to tell.

A few raised voices that can be heard through the little alcove where the dead Orc rests indicates that there might be a second similar room a bit further around the corner. Off to the west the tunnel opens up but the darkness there is too solid to make anything else out though there does seem to be some light coming from a source in that room further to the south and out of sight. No sound can be heard from that direction.

The whole area stinks of Orc though the stench of the decaying heads on the nearby wall masks some of it.

Banelin crouches down and peers around the corner to the right, crossbow held ready. Both he and Saslic are ready to head to the room with the orcs and have ranged attacks prepared.

By the dim reflected light from the cave entrance Banelin can make out two Orcs. One seems to be acting out some sort of play where someone tends to keep getting hit and falling over. He's seems to be playing two or three parts given the various voices he puts on. The second Orc is offering advice and occasionally laughing.

Ratty pallets are strewn on the floor and shabby clothing hangs on wooden pegs set in the wall. Spears rest in a couple of the visible corners.

Banelin holds up two fingers to Saslic, points to the seated orc and then himself. He points to the standing orc and then Saslic. She nods and pantomimes freezing the orc.

Once again the adventurers time their attacks, with Banelin sending a crossbow bolt flying into the seated orc and a beam of icy power shoots from Saslic at the orc acting out the play. Saslic tries to time the attack so that the orc has just fallen to the ground when the beam hits.

The seated Orc tumbles backwards off his chair grunting in pain as the crossbow bolt takes him in the left shoulder. He lets loose a series of gutteral howls, likely to raise the alarm. Then grasping a spear from nearby he rushes forward and stabs it at Banelin

Slowed by the serious wound and crazed with anger the attack is slow and poorly judged. Banelin easily avoids it.

Banelin leaves his crossbow on the floor and attacks the orc with an upwards swing of his axe. A pink glow covers her hands and a bolt of magical power fires at the orcs. She says, "Finish these off and then lets get outside in case more come."

In Banelin's rush to change weapons his attack misses. Maybe it was the fault of the near darkness that the Orcs are much more accustomed to. There is a sound of breaking ice as the frozen Orc breaks free of the ice binding him and also grabbing a spear leaps to the attack.

Both Orcs focus on Banelin exchanging words in Orcish as they stab with their spears

Banelin moves so that the first strike is but a glancing blow but the second Orc, expecting the move, uses the opportunity to drive the point of his spear hard into Banelin. Only his armor prevents the wound from being mortal.

They both let loose a cheer.

Banelin grimaces as the spears bite into him. He hacks at his first attacker with a backhand, slicing across the orc's throat and killing it. Then he takes a mighty swing at the other orc.

Saslic steps toward the orc and reaches out her hand, which is charged with lightning...

Banelin strikes a massive blow into the orc's torso and splatters blood on the wall as his axe tears free. The orc doubles over and Saslic's hand rests on its head - and the resulting burst of lightning sends the orc to the ground, smoking.

Saslic spins to watch from behind, and gets Banelin to move away from the peephole where they killed the first orc. Banelin scoops up his crossbow but keeps his axe ready to attack any reinforcements should they arrive.

A few minutes pass but no one turns up. Listening near the niche Saslic can hear the same harsh voices as she heard before.

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