Gruumsh's Eye Fable

"Lets quickly search through the room for clues. Maybe the orcs have some idea of where the eye is.", whispers Saslic.

She and Banelin drag the orcs back out of sight into the room they came from, then Saslic searches the room. Banelin checks the orcs for anything of value.

Banelin takes a breather after getting stabbed, and after a short rest he feels somewhat better. Saslic opens up the healing kit and makes sure that his wounds are clean and bandaged.

Once they are ready, the pair of them move down the passage and turn to the right, towards where the sentry was, and the room behind. Both of them have ranged attacks prepared. They pause at the corner and look around before proceeding.

The second guard room is too far from the entrance for any of the light to reach. Listening it sounds like three Orcs gambling with dice and coin.

Saslic motions to Banelin to wait, and she goes back to the room with the dead orcs in it. She moves around the corner from the corridor so she will not be seen easily.

Using a knife she cuts off some clothing, enough to wrap a stone several times. Quickly scrounging a small rock off the ground she concentrates and the stone starts to glow with a
Light spell
soft yellow light. As soon as the light starts she wraps it up in the cloth, and plunges the room back into darkness. All that can be seen is a soft red glow inside the loosely wrapped cloth.

She makes her way back to Banelin and mimes throwing the rock and then shooting. He nods and they prepare for combat.

As Banelin come around the corner crossbow at the ready two spears jab out at him.

Shocked as he is Banelin still has time to let lose his crossbow bolt at the nearest, it hits the Orc in the stomach but the Orc doesn't fall.

Saslic drops her light stone in surprise. Luckily as it falls the cloth comes free and the corner of the corridor becomes well lit. She also has time to cast a spell at the second attacker, freezing him solid in a shell of ice.

Undeterred the first attacker though badly wounded continues his attack on Banelin. He is now joined by the third Orc who pushes past his frozen body as he comes into attack Saslic.

Saslic has a look of panic on her face as she and Banelin are ambushed by the orcs. Although she appears to be holding it together for the moment, it doesn't look it like it will last long.

Saslic stands beside Banelin with all three orcs directly in front of her. She spreads her hands out and a burst of fire fills the entire corridor, scorching the orcs and setting their clothing alight.

Banelin relentlessly attacks the orcs with his axe.

There is a roar as the Orcs hair and clothing go up in flames. They scream and flail filling the corridor with noise and dancing shadows. The already wounded Orc quickly succumbs and falls revealing the previously frozen Orc, who had managed to avoid some of the blast by ducking behind his companion. Now revealed Banelin finds himself in position to deliver a mortal blow and splits the Orc's head.

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