Part 1: (Sidebar) Sundown on the Southside

Katariah d'Keleshi Suleiman Saharkar

Recovering from her spellcasting, Katariah is slightly confounded to see Braids rushing past her, the diminutive archaeologist holding a short blade in either hand. Why are you here? Quickly followed by No, dammit! These aren't the same as those goblins before, you're going to get your damn ass handed to you! Sarenrae blast it... Katariah winces as the horse-chopper smashes through the fiery heart of her magma summoning, punctuation to her thought processes. That goblin with the polearm is certainly no mere amateur... blast it. Time to do something silly, as her mentor would have put it.

Taking a moment to focus her ki, a short half second of filling her lungs that seems to stretch out for much longer, she draws one hand to her chest and raises it in the traditional seal to focus her ki. "Kaemelesh mai Farai!" <Old Keleshite> <For
The current padishah emperor
Kalish and the Empire!> She shouts, as much to get the attention of the enemy as to demoralize them - enemies such as these are not easily demoralized. Her ki focused, she makes a throwing motion with one hand, and in a movement that seems unnatural given the apparent ease of the throw, a line of black silk shoots out with a sound like a zipper being done up, and wraps itself several times around the chimney on the roof of the theatre, finally a metal part making itself fast to the line itself securing it to the protrusion.

"May sarenrae watch over me..." Katariah mutters to herself almost disbelievingly, but then launches into action. Starting to run down the street, she steps down hard and launches herself high enough to put one foot on a barrel, the next mini jump putting her with enough height to push off the nearby wall, and then turning her body horizontal to the ground, swoops narrowly over the heads of the line of humans facing off against the goblin dog, pivoting on the rope as it arcs, turning her body with one arm out so as she moves past the actress at speed, she catches up the woman in skirts, and then uses the angle of the building, the edge of the building shortening her rope and bringing her upwards at the cost of her momentum.

Unfortunately, the awning, currently supporting the weight of two humans and a disturbing amount of swords, chooses this moment to collapse, at least partially, dumping both Katariah and actress on the ground in a tangle of canvas and wooden supports. And this is what I get for trying to be fancy. Things don't look too good for the intrepid ninja right now.

Remainder of Allied Actions

Continuing to hum her exotic battle hymn, Ameiko Kaijitsu drew yet another concealed dagger from inside of her high, leather boot as she quickly maneuvered herself to the north side of the goblin dog that had just chomped her hand. Using the flanking position to her advantage, she drove the blade through the back of the canine's neck to the hilt, causing the beast to spasm violently and fall dead at the feet of herself and her companion.

Braids, seeing an opportunity to advance, moved a few feet forward. Waving her hand in the air, she began to recite an arcane verse and suddenly the entire length of the goblin commando's weapon was covered in a thick, slippery grease. The warrior immediately lost his grip on the polearm and dropped it on the ground beside him.

The actress, startled at first when Katariah swooped by to lift her to safety, gained her senses and moved toward the entrance to the theater, reaching for the door to swing it open, while in the background, the aristocrat continued to quietly slink away from the scene.

Enemy Actions

As the action unfolded, the enemy shaman finished casting his spell and an enormous centipede appeared directly in front of Katariah. The monster immediately lunged forward, snapping with its pincers and opening two small wounds on the left shoulder of the Keleshite Princess.

In frustration, the commando leaned down to retrieve his lost weapon. This time he was able to get a grip on it, but unfortunately, he had no time left to attack. The furious fighter repositioned himself a few feet closer to Kat.

Both of the surviving dogs rushed to the attack, one toward Ameiko, and the other toward Braids. The Tien battle bard was able to wrap her whip around three of one dog's legs as it charged and pull the beast to the ground before it could get in close, but the second canine made it to Braids without interruption, and helped itself to a bite out of the archeologist, opening a nasty, foaming wound on her thigh.

The goblin shaman moved wisely to a better position behind his defensive line, and then screeched out a verse of blight magic. In his hand, there appeared a small ball of steaming, black tar, which he lobbed at Ameiko. The orb struck the daredevil directly in her belly, bursting the sticky substance all over her and causing a portion of her body to catch fire.

At the moment, it seemed that the innocents outside the theater had been delivered to safety, but their defenders now found themselves in a bit of trouble of their own...

<Updated Battlemap>

Katariah d'Keleshii Suleiman Saharkar

*Ri-iiiiiiippp* A pair of long-fingered claws tear apart the fallen canvas with inhuman strength, creating a hole roughly the size of a man in the fallen, heavy material. Ducked low to a much more smaller profile than that, like a ninja out of hell Katariah comes streaking through the gap, aura of flame streaming behind her like a flag. Days long ago, a dusty training yard filled with sacks and beaten-up training dummies. Alright, so you've made a mistake. You're flat on your ass, and surrounded by enemies. A whisper of silk on sand, the thud of knives hitting their targets. You don't lose your focus. Others might think that you're down - that you're out - but you're not. If you accept their point of view, you've lost. A heel pivots, and a blade hammers down on a target, half-severing it. You are the most dangerous thing on the battlefield. The fastest. The strongest. Know it, deep in your heart, and hold to it no matter what. A black clad form flips through an impossible backflip, twin daggers smashing home in the hearts of two adjacent targets. Once the enemy accepts your view as inevitable, you will no longer be in danger. A quick twist and rip pulls the straw stuffing from the target's chests. So what do you do when it seems you're outmatched? Strike hard. And make it count. Bleeding freely from her shoulder, her eyes flashing like a hawk's over her mask, Katariah shifts her grip on her sword, bringing one hand up to reinforce the other. Right. "Whoarrrrrrr!" She raises her sword up, and brings it down, with all her strength. Strike hard, and make it count. Pivoting, a broad-bladed dagger appears in her hand and is buried in the flank of the centipede coming for another strike. Her flame aura cracks like a whip, slashing at one of the dogs, and her free hand flashes around, hurling a dagger at the shaman. She pauses there, balanced on one foot like some ancient goddess of war, her flame aura burning fiercely around her. And whatever you do, don't ever stop dancing. White teeth flash in a black face, and a dagger twirls over the beringed fingers of the Desert Hawk, Amir Tal'sulaal, the Desert of Hidden Shadow, leader of the shahanshah's elite ninja bodyguard, the
Crescent Moon's Night

And I get a natural 20 on the fort save.


EDIT: Oh, and technically, i'm flanking the dog near braids with braids, so i'd sneak attack damage on that, wouldn't I?

I'll roll it here, if so.
Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 5
Sneak Attacking A Dog

Remainder of Allied Actions

With the closest threats dispatched, Braids saw a clear path open between herself and the enemy spellcaster and felt a sudden surge of bravery. Rushing forward, she tossed her dagger end over end and planted it directly into the left thigh of the shaman, drawing a horrid, high-pitched sqeal and a glare in her direction.

Ameiko circled around the remaining canine and approached it from the other side, using her flanking position to easily finish the dog off by slicing its side wide open. She then lashed out with her whip in an attempt to pull the commando to the ground, but she barely missed as the goblin spotted her attack in time and hopped over the leather whip.

The actress now slid herself into the theater and pulled the door shut behind her, as her male cohort continued carefully making his escape to the south.

Enemy Actions

Suddenly, a wave of fatigue seemed to set in over the goblin commando, and his wickedly curved horns appeared to dissolve into his head, leaving only two, small, black nubs. Nonetheless, he continued fighting, slashing unsuccessfully at Ameiko with his horsechopper.

The summoned centipede, wounded by Kat and just barely hanging onto his space on the material plane, attempted again to snap at Katariah with its pincers, but this time the summoner was ready and she deftly ducked out of the way of the attack.

Having seen all three of his pets slain, and now wounded himself, the shaman wasted no time in defending himself with what magical means he could. Taking a few steps back, he cast another spell and a large bank of fog filled the entire side street, covering himself and Braids in the process.

Amazingly enough, the tide appeared to be turning for the better as the goblins fought on their last legs...

<Updated Battlemap>

Katariah d'Keleshii Suleiman Saharkar

Katariah breathed out, slowly, her shoulder throbbing and blood flowing freely from it. Without medical attention, she'd soon pass out from the blood loss, but that was still a secondary concern. Both Ameiko and Braids were still running in... no doubt with her performance they thought her the one who needed rescuing. She hadn't been that heavily embarrassed since the training yard. Still, she thought, looking at the cloud of smoke the retreating shaman had thrown up and the de-horned and de-flated goblin commando, it looks like this fight is over, at the least. What my brother would say if he could see me now.

Stepping sideways past Ameiko, pausing only briefly to kick the caterpillar in the side of the head as it tried to bite her, she strolled gently through the smoke, making only the slightest of billows in her passage, before in front of her the shadows and mist silhouetted a small creature holding a long polearm. "Hello." She said dispassionately, and rammed her greatblade through the creature's chest.

Just as Katariah was preparing to launch her assault, Ameiko felt the burn around her midsection as the sticky substance that had been smoldering flared back up into low flames. She quickly dropped to the ground and rolled herself frantically back and forth on the dirt road until the fire was fully extinguised.

Braids bravely pressed forward in the fog, drawing another dagger, this one a slightly curved blade crafted in Qadira, as she searched for any sign of the magic user. After a few steps, the mystic bard noticed the faint outline of her target just ahead. She stabbed at the figure, but was unable to connect with the distracting mist surrounding both herself and her enemy. The goblin druid took the chance to turn and run from the scene, and by the time Braids emerged from the far side of the fog bank, the little rascal had made it fully to the other end of the street. The stunned archeologist marveled momentarily at the miraculous speed of the monstrous shaman, and inwardly cursed herself for losing one of her most treasured knives in the fight. It was a fourty-seventh century, Thuvian crafted dagger that she had carefully restored to high quality, now in the possession of a creature who would never appreciate its worth.

Meanwhile, Kat spun a pirouette away from her enemies trying to take them by surprise. Neither was fooled, however, but the resulting attacks were ineffective; the monstrous centipede snapping just above the ninja's head, and the commando lazily attempting to swing his horsechopper, but again losing his grip due to the greasy film still covering the weapon.

Out of immediate danger, Kat ducked into the fog, faking like she was moving away, but emerging several feet away in the perfect position to strike with a deadly flurry of attacks. A kick placed directly to the side of the centipede's head was all the fiendish creature could take, as it split upon impact into a thousand green-black insects that dissolved harmlessly into the air. Now all that was left was the commando, and if he could have wished himself away, he probably would have. The first slash of Kat's scimitar sliced neatly across his belly with a splash of blood, and as he doubled over in pain he was consequently struck with a stiff right uppercut to the chin. Then, with his body suspended in an upright position, he was impaled on the blade of Kat's greatsword. It was unclear if the last blow was even necessary, as the goblin appeared to be dead on his feet, but there was no arguing that the fancy display of martial prowess was worth witnessing.

Making her way back through the fog which had begun softly dispersing as it blew down the side street on the gentle breeze, Braids approached her companions with a look of concern.
"Well that was... unexpected. Is everybody alright?" she asked, gasping for breath as she reached down to apply some pressure to the wound on her own leg.

Having successfully put herself out, Ameiko Kaijitsu sat up, leaning to the side on her hip and supporting her weight with her left hand flat on the ground. Her whip sat beside her, but her other hand still gripped her bloody blade. On her right side, the clothes had been burned away and what leather was present there had been melted and charred, leaving a painful looking welt across her side from her hip up to her ribcage.
"I'll be fine," she said confidently. "It's just a surface wound... Wow, it's been a long time since I've been in a good fight. I think it's safe to say I still got it!" she declared with a playfully demonstrative flex of her right bicep and a reassuring smirk. "You girls aren't too bad yourselves. I mean, wow!" Ameiko exclaimed, turning toward Katariah "That was quite a display you put on... Where'd you learn to fight like that anyway, Miss....?" Ameiko asked clumsily, realizing that she had fought alongside these women, and that they had likely saved each other's lives, but that she had yet to even learn their names...


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