Chapter 2: Beggars and Thieves

"They are specialty balls for catching elemental types of pokemon. These are for water and fire. If you and your buddies are looking for something to do. You could try getting back our inventory. We'd give you a hefty discount, and they might have some other ....liberated items you could get a hold of. They are all held up out in a cave in Viridian forest.

Robert's Shop"Alright. I'll see what I can do about it. Not everyone in the group is on the same page right now, and I'm not sure about going alone. I'm sure though that they're all going to be excited about getting more pokeballs and being able to catch more. I still have room for a third guy myself."

Takeshi reaches out and shakes hands with Mr. Roberts and steps over to Pentarou, calling the little blue bird back to its pokeball.

"I don't want to stay out too late, so I better get a move on. It was good to meet you guys. Did the thieves leave anything behind? One of my Pokemon is a tracker. If he can pick up a scent, I'm sure he can hunt them down."

You see? This is a downfall to PbP. Johnny would have cut Richard off a few times in that speech.

-sounds like the asshole in this one?"

You left the group! You ran off even though you thought you had the notes! You endangered not only your own life by leaving, but mine, and Takeshi's and Seth's! We could have used you in the group you agreed to join up with! Johnny fumed.

-how dare he think he couldn't keep Red safe.. He kept Red safe through this entire time.

Wait.. he didn't say that.. Johnny thought, I.. heard it though..

-I don't give a flying damn about the notes, ..

You don't care about the notes? Why the hell are you on this mission Richard? If you don't care about the notes that can save millions of lives, then why are you here? Glory? Money?

You come near me and Red-

So that is your big concern? Some girl you got to play hero with in the woods?

Richard marched through the door. Barreling after him, Johnny swung open the door and held a pointed finger out at Richard. As he finished his sentence, Johnny slammed the door behind him in a fit of rage,
If you are here to pump your own ego, then you should not even be on this mission!

A lamp from the side of Richard and shattered on his head. There was no way Johnny could have thrown the thing at that angle. Not with being next to the door and all.. Not to say Johnny was not thinking about it..
Wha.. What just.. happened?

The sounds of the tussle upstairs had gone largely unnoticed. That was until the sound of shattering glass managed to make it's way though the floor and down to Sweet's ears. "What was that?" She said asked Seth. Getting off her work stool and heading back upstairs.

Seth hissed under his breath shaking his head.

"I've got three guesses. The last two don't count...

It probably hadn't been smart to leave those two alone, but the way Seth saw it, they needed to get it out of their system while they were still in town. He didn't want a repeat of the group splitting once they hit the road...

Roberts Shop"Naw, they didn't leave anything here. You pokemon might be able to pick up their scent out in the forest though. I'm sure their wont be many human scents to muddle things out there." Mr. Roberts said escourting Takeshi back out to the door. "Be careful our there son, this is a nasty part of town to be outside in at night"

Heading Home"Thanks for your concern sir. It's okay though, I've been running my whole life and I'll use Pentarou and Kokuen if I have to."

Takeshi nods farewell to both the Roberts' and then picks up the pace, dashing back towards the Maple residence.

Sweet makes it up to the stairs and walks into the front room to see what happend. As she looks at the lamp exploded aginst the wall her face turns the same color as her hair "What in the hell are you two doing? I invite you into my home and you get into a pissing match over teenage egos. I don't know what the hell is going on between you, but if you don't behave i'm throwing you out and you can spend the night on the damn street and your buying me a new lamp. "

Without waiting for a replay she stomps back down the the basement.

What the hell just happened.. Johnny thought to himself. The lamp just.. just flew at a motion of Johnny's hand. There was no way that was possible, and yet, here they are.

I-I don't know how it.. happened.. Johnny stammered, staring at the broken shards. Allowing himself a moment to recollect himself, Johnny noticed something. The glass from the lamp, it was on Richard's side, not behind him. It was impossible for Johnny to throw it! He had to let that be known. I-I mean.. look how the glass broke! I could not have thrown it from here.. It.. It just.. flew!

Richard Harrelson

Lamp damage
Doing the damage and all that for Johnny so I can fully do my post. This is going to be updated in just a second with a post.

Dice Roll: 1d20z
d20 Results: 11
Accuracy (11)

Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 9 (Total = 15)

Before the man had a chance to fully speak and give his rebuttal to Johnny's angry ways.. All he could feel was pain on the side of his head. The damage was dealt with the lamp of all things came crashing into the side of his head! The lamp shattering, and falling to pieces abruptly onto the floor all around him, the problem though? Was that it had caused shards to pluck into his head at certain intervals, enough to caress the elixir of rich red life force to begin to seep from the side of his head. Richard, instinctively brought his head up to try and apply pressure to the new wound, while cursing like a sailor in his wince.

"God damnit!... OWwww... "

And other words not safe to say in this RP. The damage had been far greater then Johnny even thought he was going to do as he was sure of. But Richard could only send a glare straight at the boy as his blood dripped onto the floor. He had just gotten better and now look at this, he was now in a desperate array of damage once again.. but he did prove that Richard was right. Johnny, all he did was hurt people.

"Sonofa-... I knew it.. All your good for kid... is hurting the people around you!.. Keep away from me and Red!.. Next time you want to try and hit me, or throw something at me... Do it face to face you coward... Oww.."

Yes, he said Johnny threw it since that could be the only reason for it being done. Lamps just didn't move in their own now did they, but he was sure Sweets was going to have a different reaction now with Richard hurt. Since, really, Richard didn't attack or do any damage to Johnny.. unless you could his ego... but all Richard stated, was the truth.

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