Chapter 2: Beggars and Thieves

Takeshi nods politely, "Thanks for your help, sir."

He turned to the others, "Sounds like he ran into trouble as well, we best go find him and get those documents."

Heeding Seth's advice, he pulls his jacket down to hide his pokegear as he walks in the direction offered by the guard.

Raising an eyebrow in what can only be a mixture of jealousy, respect, and wonder of a 19-year-old boy, Jeez, where did Richard find a girl out in the woods?

Waving the question off, he started walking purposefully.

Come on, we better make sure he is alright.

Seth snorted softly in amusement, muttering under his breath.

"She must be in bad shape if she can put up with him..." He shook his head, clearing the thought. As much as Richard rubbed him the wrong way, he was hurt, and against his better judgement, it spoke ill of him to speak like that of an injured man.

He sighed softly, shouldering his pack once more, trailing after the other pair on their way to 'Sweets.'

As you make your way across the city you can see that it's fared much worse in the last 10 years than your little village. The buildings are dilapitated and some are crumbling. Garbage lays knee deep in alley-ways and blows across the streets. You walk the few blocks indicated by the guard and come to a large gray house. You rap on the door.

A red-haired woman in her mid-thirties opens the door and looks out at you. "Hello, can I help you boys with something?"

Seth nods, speaking first;

"Um... hi. I'm Seth, this is my brother Takeshi, and our friend Johnny..." He points to the pair in turn before continuing. "We've just arrived from Pallet town, and we're, uh... looking for our friend, Richard. He's about my height, wearing a black and red trench coat. He supposedly came here not too long ago with a girl...?"

He paused slightly before continuing;

"Oh, right... and we were supposed to find Professor Maple." He ran a hand wearily through his hair. "So if you could help with that, we'd much appreciate it..." Seth rubbed at his temples, the start of a headache nagging at the back of his mind. "But, y'know... We thought we should check in on Richard first..."

We heard he was in pretty bad shape, Johnny interjected politely, Also, the guard said he had someone else with him.

"Seems your in luck on both accounts then" She says smiling and extending a hand. "Sweet Maple at your service, although no-one has called me professor for years. Your friend Richard is upstairs in bed. Seems he and my daughter ran into a bit of trouble last night. Come in, Come in" She says waving you inside.

Oh! Professor! Johnny called out in surprise. Walking into the threshold of the house, the boy continued whilst dropping his backpack. Professor Willow sent us with some pretty important stuff..

Pulling out his Pokedex and Pokeball containing Eli, Johnny showed them to the Professor. Indicating to the others he says, We were each given a blight-less Pokemon, a Pokedex, and a Pokeball Holster that heals the blight slowly. Richard was given notes on the Prototypes, and Seth here has the Prototype himself. May I show you my Bulbasaur, Eli?

"Professor Willow sent you? and he sent a prototype of a blight cleansing pokedex?" Her face turns wistful. "I always knew he'd be the one to figure it out. I gave up years ago, but he was always the best of us." She turns to Johnny. "I haven't seen a pokemon in years that wasn't maddened and trying to kill me. I'd love to see Eli."

Unleashing the green little guy, Johnny smiled as the bewilderment fell on Eli's face. Johnny wanted to tell him it was alright, that the woman was a friend, but somehow Eli understood. He walked up to Professor Maple and nuzzled her leg.

You can pick him up if you want, I think I want to go check on Richard. Turning to leave, Johnny stopped for a second, Oh, did Richard give you the notes by the way?


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