Chapter 2: Beggars and Thieves

"I'm worried that some of us aren't sneaky enough to pull it off though. Richard is quick on his feet but I'm a liability. I may have to stay back. Maybe help secure an escape route or something? I don't wanna ruin the stealth like I did when we tried to sneak up on those guys earlier."

Takeshi smiled faintly, "I definitely think we need to get involved though."

You think I have the answers Seth?
I sure as hell know you don't.
In fact, I don't think any of us really know what we are doing here, but my gut tells me that this is a bad idea.
I am done talking about it. If you three want to go, then go.
I wont have any part of it.

With that, he turns toward the Poke Mart from before. He certainly was not sleeping in the same house as the others. Not now at least. They are not bad kids, but this is too much for Johnny to take. Maybe the shop keep will take the boy in. He does owe Johnny and the others for returning the Poke Tech.

Richard Harrelson

"I can go in there and see what I can find out about the meeting. I'll be able to have back-up in my snake friend as well, he is pretty adamant on trying to stealth his kills."

Another shrug of the shoulders was given as he spoke. He figured he was going to have to do a bit of the heavy lifting so to speak, which brought on his ego several folds. At least he wasn't saying how much better he was then everyone else right now? Then again, that may play a factor that Sweets and Red was still around. Back pressed against the couch, inducing his relaxation now that aggravations weren't around to tell them otherwise on what to do.

"So, we bring the stuff back tomorrow and then we set out to spy on them. That the plan?"

"I think it's the best plan we can come up with right now. I think Seth is onboard with us, and he's smart so maybe he can help refine the plan."

Takeshi paused for a moment before continuing, "I don't think Johnny is completely wrong... I just don't think he understands that we might be the only ones with the power to stop these guys. If there was no time limit, I'd be all for training to become stronger."

"Heh, but like you said, we gotta get all these supplies back to the pokemart first."


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