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Hero Lab Question

Hero Lab Question

Does anyone know if there is an easy way to copy powers or devices from one character and paste them to another? It seems I can do it with equipment, sort of.

I'd say just use the Hero Lab Editor to set up a new "Power". Essentially, you'll be writing up a custom "Device" (or whatever power you may be thinking of) , and adding it to the library of powers available for use.

Originally Posted by Krimson View Post
I'll have to give that a try. As M+M 3e has become my go-to game it might be worth my while.
You could also just make a default "character" with the device already configured and save it as something like Template. Then open the template and save as your new character. Of course that only works if you're building from 'scratch' each time.

Yeah, I kind of just did it the hard way. Apparently there is a way to cut and paste from the XML, but I haven't had success with that yet. The Editor may be the way to go.

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