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What Kind of RPG Character Are You?

TanaNari: Lv.62 Magical Girl. Special trait: forever alone.

Huh. My dangly boy bits have something to say about that.

They said "leave us out of this, princess".

I also get: Tananari: Lv.77 Nerd. Special trait: can woo anyone, regardless of gender.

Sadly. This is also true. Ask me how I know. Better yet. Ask your siblings.

MadHatter: Lv.6 Gladiator. Special trait: never gets sick.

My name actually done correctly. I didn't think lower cased or capital letters had anything to do with it.

Mordae: Lv.95 Cleric. Special trait: can do impersonations.

Oh look, I'm impersonating myself!

matty: Lv.87 Monk. Special trait: can change appearances.

I quite like that.

My real name gets this: Lv.46 Ninja. Special trait: can summon alpacas.
Which is AWESOME

Username only gets this:
Prophyt: Lv.20 Thief. Special trait: can read minds.

Dire Mage: Lv.77 Pikachu. Special trait: can control water.

Real name: Lv.7 Ranger. Special trait: has a transformation sequence. LOL

MYTH WEAVERS: Lv.3 Poopsmith. Special trait: can roll into a ball.


Real name;
Lv.69 Mage. Special trait: can run fast. (I hated PE at school and wanted to burn the PE block down)

Already covered my handle of Carnas but shall repeat it;
Carnas: Lv.3 Mime. Special trait: can transform into an animal.

What I want to change my name to by deed poll;
Lv.84 Mime. Special trait: can copy any attack.


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