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What Kind of RPG Character Are You?

DannyTorrance: Lv.16 Sniper. (seems cool so far...)
Special trait: can fit three oranges in his/her mouth. (never mind.)

Let's see what happens when I add a space...

Danny Torrance: Lv.67 Priest. (I went from sniper to priest?)
Special trait: can put people to sleep by singing. (better than the oranges thing, I guess.)

Oryzarius: Lv.33 Sniper.
Special trait: can transform into a hamster.

Stormcracker and I obviously dungeon-crawl Habitrails together.

EDIT: My real name: Lv.47 Merchant.
Special trait: can change anything to gold.
That seems... redundant. Unless I sell gold?

My full name: Lv.32 Samurai.
Special trait: can swim far distances.
Pearl Harbor, here I come....

Just did my real name, out of curiosity.
Lv.64 Narcoleptic. Special trait: can walk through walls.

So...I sleepwalk through walls?

Originally Posted by Wippit Guud View Post
Wippit Guud: Lv.44 Magical Girl. Special trait: never gets sick.

Generator fails.
So no point asking if I can motorboat you?

loveandwar: Lv. 61 Scholar
Special Trait: Can control water

Real Name: Lv. 26 Dolphine
Special Trait: Can shoot lasers

Full Name: Lv. 61 Engineer
Special Trait: Can fit three Oranges in mouth

Hellrazer: Lv.69 Armamentalist. Special trait: can manipulate electricity.

That actually sounds like something I would legitimately run.
There's no humor in that! :c

mXc Pomegranate: Lv.16 Goat. Special trait: can transform into an animal.

Hmm... a goat that can transform into any animal. I can just see turning into a lion and eating a gazelle then having severe indigestion later when back in my natural goat form. >_<

Killed to Death: Lv.30 Knight. Special trait: has ESP.

Nice. Then, I did my real name too. It came up with this:

Lv.67 Student. Special trait: can fling poop accurately.

I suppose the student part is right, but I cannot as yet comment on my special trait


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