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What Kind of RPG Character Are You?

mXcPotato: Lv.69 Gunslinger.

Special trait: never gets sick.

Real Name: Lv.25 Archer.
Special trait: can eat habaneros.

While not as fun as my handle, I would love the ability to straight up eat a habnero.

Okay let's roll a bit eh?

Real name first,
Edit: Lv.98 Sage. Special trait: can speak several languages.

Edit: Lv.84 Psychic. Special trait: has high luck.
High luck anyone?

Screen Name:
mtimefuntime: Lv.1 Cleric. Special trait: can swim far distances.
Wah-wah-wahhhhhhh got whammied.

rayizra: Lv.2 Warrior. Special trait: has a transformation sequence.
As I love Sailor Moon, this makes me happy!

Real Name: Lv.39 Gambler. Special trait: rich.
Even more happy!

Raelyn: Lv.10 Samurai. Special trait: has super vision.

Ooo. Samurai!

"Real" Name: Lv.54 Beastmaster. Special trait: can see through clothes.

Ooo. Beastmast---wait. >_> !! Well, I suppose I'd be useful at airports...

CptBubblehearth: Lv.39 Thief.
Special trait: can fly.

That sounds like an interesting class/ability combination. Steal someone's stuff and fly away.

Impfireball: Lv.49 Machinist.

Special trait: Rich.

So I guess I'm making everything for the party or whatever.

But in the Real World, I am a...

Lv.62 Berserker.

Special trait: can summon rainbows.

Quite possibly the scariest combination of them all.

So, out of all the combinations shown so far, which characters would make for a good adventuring group?

Lv.46 Mage. Special trait: super moe


Valeiru: Lv.68 Dancer. Special trait: can spit bullets.

Real name: Lv.94 Diva. Special trait: can manipulate plants.

Wha?!? I am most defiantly not a.. *Spots a mirror and stops talking*

teronism: Lv.20 Paladin. Special trait: beautiful.

I feel so special.

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