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What Kind of RPG Character Are You?

Airinal: Lv.32 Housewife. Special trait: can talk to dead people.

Real name: Lv.57 Gunslinger. Special trait: has a large hat collection.

Apparently I make a much more epic adventurer than my persona... of course without my persona we would be short a whole lot of quests. I mean, how many stories start with old house wives talking to ghosts?

Impfireball is rich so he needs to be on the party! I may only be level 6 but I am immune to diseases. So it makes me a good candidate for the team.

People like to keep calling me "Hatter or MH" as a nickname. So I will try those out and see what I get!

MH: Lv.24 Student. Special trait: great at mowing lawns.
Well this seems....useless.
Hatter: Lv.42 Sniper. Special trait: can dodge any attack.
Much better. I think Hatter needs to join the Adventuring group!

You know we should make a NS game on here where we use these as character options and see what kind of game evolves out of it. Would be freeform slightly with one person being the general Game Master for each adventure. Might be silly fun. What does everyone think?

Not sure if I have done my real name yet.
Shane: Lv.99 Salesman. Special trait: can transform into a hamster.
So I am high level and a werehamster. AWESOME!

HEADSHOT121: Lv.96 Narcoleptic. Special trait: can do impersonations.

Real Name: Lv.90 Dark Knight. Special trait: rides a unicorn.

I like my real names one more lol

ChaosEmerald: Lv.24 Psychic. Special trait: rich.

Yeah that sounds about right. (love psionics in general).

Originally Posted by MadHatter View Post
MH: Lv.24 Student. Special trait: great at mowing lawns.
Well this seems....useless.
How can you say that?

Just think of the money you could make going in to the lawn mowing business.

My name: Lv.95 Dark Knight. Special trait: can see through clothes. Not bad.

TheGoodSedin: Lv.50 Warrior. Special trait: has a large hat collection.

I am apparently more bad ass than my avatar.


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