Track 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Track 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Weeks at sea, or was it just days, it's hard to tell the trip dragged on into one long haze, a hell in it's self. At long last land is sighted, mountains rise from the distance. As you draw closer you see thick clouds hanging over a dense rainforest and a moderately sized port city. Nearing the city a variable cacophony of smells assaults you, the smells of fish and manure mix with those of exotic spices and tropical flowers and other less readily identifiable scents.

Now the ship docks at Remember Tomorrow and the passengers step onto Devils Island. There is no-one waiting at the dock to welcome you, not one person to tell you where to go from here, your dumped on the island and left to fend for yourself. After an inspection by the ships wardens, and the expulsion of a few would be stowaways, the ship takes off leaving you here in this brave new world.

Thanos stretches as he leaves the ship behind. It feels odd to have solid, unmoving ground under his feet after such a long time at sea, but he's certain he'll get used to it again in a day or two. For now he's more interested in finding some place to stay while looking for some for of employment since he had to leave town rather abruptly. But at least he's far enough from anywhere important to be out of sight and mind of his annoyed ex-employers. Hopefully he's also out of reach until they forget about him.

Shrugging he picks up his backpack and starts to head inland, wanting to leave the harbor area behind along with the pervasive smell of fish. "Never could stand fish." he comments quietly and to no one in particular.

I probably should make a character sheet? What happened to the stowaways? I am curious how many people are around right now? What kind of guard situation do we have here? Any chance of freeing the stowaways?

Putting his chain helmet on top of his head, he moved off the ship. Glancing at the stowaways being taken away. He moves into the middle of the dock, just casually watching the goings on. The Trooper cracks his neck and glances over towards Thanos. Unsure of what to say.

Those handful of people caught trying to stay on the ship for the ride back to the mainland are given a rough toss onto the dock along with the couple dozen other people who've just departed into the city. There is no need for guards at the dock as the only concern is of people trying to leave the island, a task relegated to the ships wardens.

The Trooper approaches those standing and picks them up helping brush them off. As the ship turns to depart, he speaks in a soft whisper to those he just helped up.

"Grant me Protection my friends. I am know as the Bounty Hunter the Trooper. They shall suffer for there miss treatment of you."

Not sure how this would work, but while the big boat is turning to go around I want to fire eldritch blast every round into the hull and try to sink the ship. Is this something that is possible? Do I know if my eldritch blast will penetrate the hull? How many can I get off before the boat gets 60 ft away from me? I want to start firing as soon as they let go off the ropes and get 5 feet away. I am using those they pushed off the boat to guard me as a human shield. Since you said they're not any guards around. I will make an INT check for my character to try and justify me asking these questions. I have not posted them yet, because I need to know what my character would feel about the success of this plan.

Also I just finished my character sheet. I took point blank shot so will get a d6+1 damage on the hull in the first 30ft. But I am still not sure if I can actually make a hole big enough to sink the ship.

Dice Roll: 1d20+2z
d20 Results: 3 (Total = 5)
Intelligience Check (5)

ShaderThe big metal hunk that makes up Shader moves arrogantly down the ship plank and onto the island. He watches as the stowaways are dealt with and the ship leaves, but makes no move to walk anywhere yet. First he looks around and looks at those who have been deposited on the island.

Smiling to himself he rubs his metal hands together, making a very intriguing metallic rasping sound, and walks to a central location of their little docks. "I am Shader, so called for my marvelous powers of persuasion when it comes to women. This island will soon come under my control. Anyone who wishes good fortune and respect should join with me now." He announces to everyone within ear shot.

Thanos stops and turns to watch the going ons on the dock with a bemused smile, but makes no move to intervene one way or the other, feeling it is no business of his. Of course he can't help but notice this Shader character. He did take some note of him during their journey, mainly wondering how wise it was for someone made of metal to travel the seas, but he didn't make any attempts to approach the man.
Thinking about it he decides he has very little to lose and possibly quite a bit to gain by 'joining' with Shader.

It doesn't take the tall, almost white haired man many moments to backtrack and get face to face with Shader. "I don't know about respect, but a many can never have to much good fortune, now can he? The name is Thanos and I suppose I'll 'join you' if you'll have me." while he does smile, there's something calculating in his light blue eyes as he meets the metal mans gaze.

As you try to get use to the solid ground after the long voyage and watch the life on the docks, you cant help not to notice the row of hanged men near one of the few solid stone buildings. Some of the hanged men are filled with crows, picking their lunch from them.

When Trooper yelled the small group of stowaways, they lowered their eyes in fear. They were beaten up and worse, as it was great past time for the sailors to abuse them during the long hours on sea. They were miserable looking bunch.

ShaderShader smiles at the man who comes to stand before him. After a brief glance over the man's person, he decides that now is as good a time as any to start building people's trust.

"Of course! Then Thanos, you will be my right hand man! You have the position until I find someone better, you betray me, or you die!" The metal man exclaims with a broad smile on his face, or at least he tries to smile broadly as his face wasn't really made for such expressions.

He then
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 17)
looks around at the island, looking for shelter and other needs. He also takes in the state of the stowaways and their interaction with the other prisoner from the boat ride."Thanos, I think the first thing we need to do is find shelter. For now it doesn't matter what kind, but eventually we'll have to find a base of operations. But for now let's try to get these poor folks out of the weather." He says, still with a smile, and continuing to smile.

Thanos sighs, not minding the idea of finding shelter, but he still doesn't think what happens to the stowaways is any of their business. Still, arguing about it now would lead to nothing good, so he might as well do it. Nodding in agreement to Shader walks over to the group of miserable looking people.

Getting a better look at the state they're in does make him feel a twinge of sympathy though, at least to the point where he can understand why they want to get of the island so badly.
"All right, come on. Staying here won't do anyone any good." he says, figuring they at least need to get them off the docks. "It will just draw the attention of the guards sooner or later." 'He doesn't know this city yet, but he can already guess that it's not the friendliest place in the world, both from how it treats people trying to leave, and their clear lack of respect for the dead.


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