Survivors from the Mists

Dripping with water from his dousing and looking nearly as pathetic as Jimjie, Flick looks at the pyre, then at Anna, then at the Pyre, and finally back at Anna.

"Anna, your idea of a fireboat intrigues me..."

Suddenly, his back convulses as the water begins dripping down his back and he lets out a quick "URGHLEBLURG" in accompaniment before regaining his composure.

Straightening, Flick looks on at the goblin and says, "Jimjie does bring up a good point though. We indeed are seeking to flee from our problems rather than face them head. Only through direct confrontation of our fears shall we, as sapient souls, grow and flourish."

"Well done, Jimjie. Your wisdom is truly humbling," adds Flick with a pat on the goblin's head. "I have a plan."

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Shifting her arms to a more comfortable folded position, Sarah crosses one ankle over the other, and remarks, just a little dryly, "A plan, you say. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be incredibly entertaining?" Whether he intended it or not, Flick's japery seems to have calmed Sarah down a little. She looks over at Anna, a commiserating look on her face, as if to say 'is this really what we have to put up with'.

"Entertaining?" asks Flick, shooting Sarah a disapproving look. "Sarah, I'm not sure I share your sentiment on this one. Demonic summonings are no laughing matter."

"In any case, the plan is simple. Create two rafts, both serving as bait. One to lure the beast in the water, one to lure the beast from the fire. Sarah and Jimjie will coordinate a plan to bring Cowhead here while Anna and I keep track of the water dragon. You two will meet us at the lakeside where Sarah will get on the bigger raft while Jimjie jumps onto the raft towing a haunch of boar. You both then paddle into the lake. That should be enough for Bovinebutts to wade in after you. Then we let the two monsters deal with each other. Simple, no--gah! Who peed down my back??"

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Clapping her face into one of her hands, Sarah sighs heavily. "Flick, that's an awful plan. Until we know what it's capable of, I don't want that... thing knowing where we are or what we're doing. Not to mention, we don't even know what's in the lake, let alone if it can take a demon."

Anna looks over at the others. I'd prefer not to be any where near whatever it was those natives created. I would like to continue to check out the rest of the island. We have a good place here, even though it's not well defendable. The cave is too small, and, here's something I think we've completely forgotten about, the Mist probably wasn't the first to be destroyed. Perhaps there are others besides the natives on this rock.

Jimjie comes out of his shell a bit now that the strange man's suggestion has passed, Jimjie thinks should walk around island... sees how big is and see if is a way off. Friend Sarah cans draw picture of island maybe and Jimjie can scout ahead?"

Nearly a week passes before another serious exploration attempt is made, though the resident goblin did manage to make some progress on that front. Most nights involved Sarah sketching the 'world according to Jimjie' as the goblin explained what he had discovered. Most of the news was not encouraging. The jungle was expansive to say the least. Now this was good for staying hidden, but it also meant that everything else was more easily hidden as well. The lake/lagoon was large, too large for Jimjie to walk to the far side in a half day. There was a slender log he was able to use to cross the river, and through his probings he found that the lagoon was more or less shaped like a waxing moon. A fair number of creatures lived on the far side of the lagoon, not much on this side. Jimjie also discovered the cliff encircling the bay where they had seen the summoning ritual not so long ago, along with fresh sign that people had been in the area recently... small people.

Sarah put the time to good use, fashioning a crude but serviceable bow for herself, and a handful of arrows tipped with flakes of obsidian. With Anna and Flick assisting they also managed to increase the defensibility of the campsite, throwing up a small wooden palisade.

Anna looks at the others after the pallisade is built. Now we have a better defensible position if it comes to that. I think we need to continue our scouting, though. And perhaps go a bit further out? Thoughts?

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Sarah mulls the idea over in her head a few moments, then, rather reluctantly, nods a little. "I think you're right. As much as it pains me to say it, I think we have to go down and investigate that beach. If we're going to get off of that island, we're going to have to build a boat or something."


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