Survivors from the Mists

Anna watches her companion's antics and is unable to stifle a laugh at the man's expense. By the end of it, her mouth was hanging open and her face was contorted in a horrible way. After she composed herself, she peered over at Sarah and soundlessly mouthed, 'Ow.'

Anna stood up then, and went over to Flick. Hey, Flick. Everything okay? Sorry about the laugh just then. I couldn't stop myself. But I want you to know, I've had those types of days. In regards to your idea of investigating the island, I feel it's the best thing to do. She put an arm around him and sat next to him.

"What? Who laughed?" asks Flick, a look of true bemusement on his face. 0_o

"I agree that we should explore the island," he adds.

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Sarah just shakes her head a little, and seems to regain some of her composure. "Um... right. Yes, I agree that we should do some exploring. We might get lucky, and find something interesting!"

The prospect of finding jungle ruins or a shipwreck or something to that effect has already raised Sarah's spirits a little. Squinting a little into the fire, the half-elf sits up long enough to take the spit off the fire, and slide the two cooked animals onto one of the broad leaves. With her knife, she sets about carving them up with a quiet efficiency, splitting the meat up into three roughly equal portions of boar and monkey, each on a leaf plate of their own, and saving the unbroken bones to one side; she'll fish out the useful pieces to one side for arrowheads or something like that. "Food's done. If we're careful, this ought to last us a day or two each."

Idly slicing herself strips of meat and spearing them on her knife as a utensil, Sarah eats somewhat absent-mindedly, staring out over the cliff at the ocean. "So, what brought you two to the Mists of Dread?"

Well, I am looking for my father. He's a sailor. When I was old enough, I got onto the Mists as a deckhand. The first few years were rougher than usual. Alot of mishaps occurred to the ship and crew. Some blamed me, but the captain would not have it. You? Anna says while sitting next to Flick.

By the time you finish talking and look over to Flick, he's already
comatose. Understandable, considering his recent ordeals, but how rude nonetheless, right?

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Staring down at the asleep Flick, Sarah just shakes her head a little, and looks back up at Anna, a bit of an amused smile on her face. As she looks the other woman up and down a moment, she asks, "I guess he's kinda cute, even if he does seem to be crazy. Did you want first watch, or would you prefer I take it?"

Nah, I'll take first watch. When would be a good time to wake you? And should we allow Flick a watch? Anna replies to Sarah. She stretches and walks around the camp for a few minutes. So, Sarah, what skills do you have? I mean, we need to make sure we can survive, right?

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Sarah shakes her head a little, looking down at the sleeping Flick for a moment. "Yeah, we'll wake him for last watch, I think. If we can't trust him, l... well, I don't know what we'll have to do."

Abandoning her slings for the moment, she starts packing up what's left of the meat in three separate bundles. "As for me, I guess I'm what you'd call an 'itinerant adventurer'? Good with a sword, good with a bow, as comfortable in a forest as I am in a city." She wipes her greasy hands off on the grass, bites of a quick laugh. "Sadly, all we have here is the forest, sort of."

Standing up to stretch, she wanders over towards the shelter; might as well use it if no one else is at the moment. "Wake me when the moon is, say, two lengths its own width over the treetops. I'll take middle watch from here on out; I've worked with a few magic-users before, and I know how important a full night's sleep can be." Stretching out underneath the lean-to, she folds her arms behind her head, and unless Anna has any more questions for her, drops off to sleep fairly quickly, with a drowsy, "G'night, Anna. See you in a few hours."

A snort and a flumph come from Flick's direction as the piece of meat lodged in his mouth falls away.

"But that's what you said the last time we put bugbear juice in the choco-pie..."
he drones. " more"

Anna watches for her time, making sure that Flick doesn't accidentally turn over into the fire occassionally. She also lets Sarah sleep for an extra half hour before waking her up.

OOC: Unless, of course, a raging t-rex runs through camp...


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