Survivors from the Mists

The night is peaceful, almost serene with the exception of the wildlife activity in the jungle behind the camp. The calls of night birds, monkeys, and other less identifiable creatures filter their way out of the canopy. At one point the unhappy roar of a large cat silences the normal chatter for a moment.

Anna awakens Sarah late, and Sarah's watch too is uneventful. The jungle nightlife is so different than that of the forests and swamps near Magnimar. It's going to take some getting used to.

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Once Anna's finally fallen asleep, Sarah stirs up the fire a little brighter, and although she does a quick survey of the area around the camp every fifteen minutes or so, spends most of her four hours or so on watch writing in her journal.

When her watch is over and her ink is dry, Sarah puts her book away and considers the still sleeping form of Flick. Gods above, this guy seems so unreliable... but I need to sleep. I just hope I'm not going to regret this. Sighing lightly, she kneels at the man's side, and gently shakes his shoulder to wake him. "Flick... hey Flick. It's time to wake up. It's your turn on watch."

"I didn't take your bloody watch," mumbles Flick sleepily. "It was halflings, I tell ya. Halflings!"

With a bit more urging from Sarah, however, Flick eventually rouses and takes his watch. He sings a soft tune as he does so, desperately hoping to avoid any more antics for the non. Nights tend to be hit or miss with him, but a man can dream...

The remainder of the evening passes uneventfully, the rising sun greeting Flick with obscene cheerfulness. Anna rouses shortly after the sun, ready to begin her duties on deck, only to recall the tragedy of the previous day. Anna, accustomed as she is to the wilds, awakens shortly thereafter. Everyone is stiff and sore from the vertical flight from the doomed ship, and the rocky ground.

Once everyone's morning preparations are complete and a breakfast of roast boar is consumed, a pressing question looms. What now? A quick look down the side of the cliff shows nothing but pounding surf, the Mists is gone, probably dragged off into the deep with the tide. There's not even any debris left to indicate what had happened, the whole site is mockingly pristine.

Surprisingly, by morning, Flick is still awake, though
looking somewhat a little worse for the wear.

"Can we go now?" he asks. "My butt hurts."

Anna wakes up with a start and immediately lies back down as her back screams at her. A few moments later, she rises again, this time a little more gingerly. Once standing, she stretches out and walks around the fire for a few laps. Morning, Flick. Once she feels better, she kneels facing the morning sun and does her meditations to Besmara. This lasts fifteen minutes. By then, Sarah is awake.

So, which way first? And we need to keep a good idea where this is if we head into the jungle. So we get back easily. Anna says while having her breakfast.

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Sarah's awakening is less of an event and more of a groggy process. However, after taking a drink from her waterskin, and washing her face with the remnants, she looks much more alert, if not exactly refreshed.

As she quickly eats her own breakfast portions, she murmurs a few
She's casting Create Water.
quiet words, and her empty waterskin plumps up quite nicely. "Well, Anna, I guess it couldn't hurt, but I'm sure there'll be a better place to set up a camp somewhere else on the island. We'd want something a little more sheltered in case of inclement weather, but this'll be a nice fallback if we can't find a better place."

Wrapping up what's left of her portion of meat in one leaf, and the usable bones and skins from the boar and monkey in another, she tucks them in the side pockets of her bag. "We've got a few days worth of food here, so we'll be alright just foraging to keep up. I think we should just start exploring. We can follow the coast, but I'd like to follow a stream or river if we find one. If we can find a beach, it'd be a place to launch a raft from, if we have to escape on our own."

She stands up, adjusting her rope, and hefts the spear over one shoulder. "Other than that, I think we're ready to go exploring!" Somewhat perversely, she looks kind of excited to be about the day as she starts off towards the treeline.

The talk of the two women is loud enough to rouse Flick from his slumber. He flails himself awake with an alarmed shout before suddenly looking about and realizing his whereabouts.

"What a wonderful rest!" he murmurs amidst a yawn. "Why did you two let me sleep in so late? The day's a-wastin!"

Casting a small orison, he extinguishes the fire with a bucket's worth of water before bringing out the soup again and giving his hands a thorough scrubbing. Finally, set for travel, he gathers his belongings and looks out at the sunrise over the sea. Several moments pass as his eyes glaze over and he recites words as though from a poem:

"If they be two, they are two so
As stiff twin compasses are two;
Thy soul, the fix'd foot, makes no show
To move, but doth, if th' other do.

And though it in the centre sit,
Yet, when the other far doth roam,
It leans, and hearkens after it,
And grows erect, as that comes home."

Coming out of his trance, he looks straight at Anna, his eyes returning to their normal hue, "Worry not, lady lass, once I have a place marked, I never lose my way back. Never."

True to his word, he steps behind a tree and marks the campsite.

Sarah Plowse, Aspiring Author

Sarah gives Flick a bit of a sideways look. "Flick... did you sleep the whole night with your eyes open?"

Finishing up his business, Flick peeks his head out from behind the tree and replies, "That depends...where am I now? Is this the real life? Or just

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