Rules and Hints.

Rules and Hints.

Starting Resources:
20w 20o 10g 10c 10m 10s 20,000gold.

Wood and ore mines grant +2 w/o every turn. sulphar, crystal, mercury, gem mines/deposits grant +1 in their respective rare resources. Gold mines grant +1000g per day.

Piles of resources consist of 3 rare resources or 5 wood/ore, 500gold.

Heroic challenges are optional solo very mini adventures for your hero.

Treasure chests offer a choice between 1500 gold or 500 experiance.

Heros can move 2 squares every turn if they ONLY move.
If they move into an adjacent square ONLY then they can take/fight/perform all actions in that square, but cannot move again.
Heros CANNOT move diagonally.
So either one square and perform an action, or 2 squares and only move.
Picking up troops from your castle does not count towards your movement; you may still move 2 squares and do this.
Armies cannot move without a hero present.

Turns must be set out in the most obvious and helpful way. This:

Haven Turn 1.

Turn's starting resources 20w 20o 10g 10c 10m 10s 20,000gold.

Build: Blacksmith for 500gold, 5m, 5s

Resources remaining: 20w 20o 10g 10c 5m 5s 19,500gold.

Income for next turn: +500gold (From villge hall).

End Turn.

When moving, state your starting location and both squares/ one square you move through/into. Not diagonally, remember!

In battles against NPCs, the idea is that they do not take colossal amounts of time. You obviously state the forces you are fielding, and the size of their stacks (you may split stacks into smaller groups, and you don't have to field all your troops!!) The largest amount of stacks you can field is 7.

Then you give me a battleplan! If you want your fast, weak troop to stay away form their slow lumbering giants then state it explicitly. State what you want to deal with what and how. What you want to defend with what and do it as simply and as obviously as possible. Very high speed troops can both attack and stay out of reach from slower troops if the difference is big enough.

Once you sayyou are entering a battle, i will reply with the each numbr of foes and how many stacks they are in. Then give me your battle plan. Then i will do one round in initiative order before revealing all and letting you change things if the situation calls for it.

Often there may not be a plan. If the enemy has one stack and you are all combat troops the plan can only be, CHARGE! It's a good plan .

You may instantly trade resources with your ally IF you both have a market place. So if one person is running short you can help each other out.

Also: unless you as an individual faction change it, troopbuildings are in a chain. So level seven requires barracks 6,5,4,3,2,1 before you can buy 7. Upgrade buildings can be bought henever after the original and are not required in any chain.

If you want to break the chain, add the following amount of resources, and let me know you are doing it.

Level 2 not to require level 1: 4w, 2g.
Level 3 not to require level 1 or 2: 6w, 4g.
Level 4 not to require level 1 or2or3: 8w, 8g.
Level 5 not to require level 1,2,3,4: 14w, 12g.
Level 6 not to require level 1,2,3,4,5: 15w, 15g.
Level 7 not to require level 1,2,3,4,5,6: 18w, 18g.

You need not wait for everyone to finish their turns. If someone gets a few turns ahead, they'll have to slow down, but as long as two players aren't too close to each other they can take turns at their own speed.


Guys there are a lot of teams, and a lot of buildings and a lot of squares on the map. So i'm going to make a rule that if you don't post all the information needed in a turn, then I won't reply until you do (I'll let you know though ).

You NEED, your Turn Number
Haven Turn 1.

Starting Resources
Turn's starting resources 20w 20o 10g 10c 10m 10s 20,000gold.

starting Army size
64 peasants

Your Town's Buildings already, and your new building this turn, along with it's NAME and resource cost
Town currently has only a Village Hall.
Build: Blacksmith for 500gold, 5m, 5s

Moving from and to
Staying in ?19

The Resources Picked up (You know how many is in a pile now (5,3,500) so no excuses!)
0 resources gained.

Your End of Turn resources.
Resources remaining at end of turn: 20w 20o 10g 10c 5m 5s 19,500gold.

Your End of turn Army Size
64 Peasants

Income for next turn
Income for next turn: +500gold (From villge hall), and no resource income.

End Turn.

Once you've written this out once you can just copy it so it's minimal tme management and saves me a LOT of time! Saves on mistakes and confusion too. Thank you!!

TIP: If you get ahead on the post ratio, go for a heroic challenge!!! They're very mini hero dnd 3.5 adventures. It will take place over a single turn (so you don't get ahead), but will obviously take numerous posts. Heroic challenges are tailored for your level of hero. So if you're level 3 it's a level 3 adventure.

Don't go for one if you're behind on turns.

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