Oh no!!! I'll miss you

Yeah, you had me there. I was beginning to think Ty was the one who wrote Shades...Or maybe you guys were playing a game based off of the Twilight Fanfic. Either way, I'd judge you.

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Calling himself "Ty"... what is that supposed to imply exactly?... I'm getting suspicious myself.

I hope you're able to return to us, Ty. Good luck in the interim.

Thanks for the love, guys. As PC said, I run a game with him and NGP so I'm in constant contact with them and, when I get things figured out, I should probably be able to get back into things, hopefully. In fact, if NGP is cool with it, I'm not even going to exit the game? Sort of stay in reader status so I can come back easily when the time is right.

Also, I was horrified when I found out about that goddamn book. I was even tempted to change the name of my game but "shades of grey" is just so appropriate for a game exploring morality

Talking about "Shades of Grey" the book (I've not read it, it's probably quite tame) ...

I'm not sure why the world is Grey crazy -- and it's nowhere as scary as what happens in Ty's Shades of Grey.

In Ty's, there is this poor innocent little Longtooth Shifter called Willow -- and every baddie on the planet is out to kill her. I mean, she's never done anything to hurt anyone ... EVER!!! And Ty is still trying to kill her (oh, and a few of her friends) ... poor little Willow Groundrunner /cry /sob

Ty is a big meanie ...


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